God Is So Good


But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive. (Genesis 50:20)

God Is So Good

Joseph is one of the most amazing characters of scripture. He embodies the kind of person that fully trusts in the goodness of God regardless of the circumstances. This does not suggest that life for Joseph was always easy because it was far from the ideal. He grew up as the favored child of a wealthy man. Enjoying more prestige and honor than his brothers, Joseph’s life was full and satisfying. Because of his elite status the brothers held deep resentment that led them to almost kill their brother. Instead they sold Joseph as a slave to a passing caravan thinking they were rid of their insolent sibling forever. Twenty-two years later they would stand before a ruler of Egypt who held their lives in their hands unknowing it was the brother of yesterday. Joseph was forced into the life of a slave and his journey to Egypt was harsh. The humiliation of being sold as so much meat must have impacted his heart with a great weight. He became a slave to an Egyptian commander doing all the menial and base jobs of the home. Joseph would later be accused of rape by the commander’s wife and thrown into prison where he again was treated with contempt and hatred. Forgotten by fellow prisoners the son of Jacob languished in an Egyptian prison.

The hand of God had never left the heart of Joseph. In everything the young man of seventeen did in life was measured by the goodness and grace of God. He believed in all the Lord had promised and trusted the Lord would work in his life for His glory and honor. His despondency on the road to Egypt was tempered by his trust in the will of God. Being sold as a slave to Potiphar was an opportunity to show the Egyptian commander what the life of a child of God can do under adversity. The home prospered because of Joseph. When he was faced with sexual temptation he pleaded to the purity of the Lord as his defense. Rewarded with prison Joseph continued to trust in the will of the Lord and served Him faithfully. Somewhere deep in the mind of Joseph he knew that God was good and while his life was taking a course of great hardship he relied on the blessings of the Lord to see him through. It would be many years later following the death of his father his brothers would fear retribution for the heinous act they brought upon their younger brother. Joseph revealed a spirit of trust he had held from early age. He knew that God was good and all that God revealed to him was for his good. Life was not always easy but it was easy to trust in the will of God. God is good. That never changes.

There is no deeper commitment a person can make to the Lord than to allow the goodness of God to work in their lives through His goodness. This does not guarantee life will always be an easy road but in the strongest adversities God will always be there to comfort, guide and protect. Trust comes from a heart that is fully committed to the power of God working in life for a greater end. Many stories in the Bible show the trials of the saints who are delivered through the grace of God. There are many lives today that face illness, hardship and death and yet do so with a spirit of hope because they know that God is good. He is always good and never changes. Faith maintains the heart to believe that all things work for the glory of God. Life is not about the here and now and if life is nothing more than facing the reality of death – God is still good. Why? Because God has always promised something greater in His presence. Nothing is as glorious, grand and awesome than being able to stand before the Creator and see Him face to face. That is goodness. Greatness comes in bowing the will to the spirit of God and allows His goodness to shine in the heart because He loves His people who love Him. God is good.

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