Nine Reasons To Trust God


Then David spoke to the Lord the words of this song, on the day when the Lord had delivered him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul. And he said: “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; the God of my strength, in whom I will trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge; my Savior, You save me from violence. I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised; so shall I be saved from my enemies. (2 Samuel 22:1-4)

Nine Reasons To Trust God

Trust is a strong character of unwavering belief in the qualities of another. There is a sense of hopeful reliance on what is promised from one who has the power to deliver certain promises. No one defines the purest trust that man can believe than the Lord God. David understood the deepest ways of the Lord to know whom to trust and how to put his confidence in the promises delivered by God. His life had been filled with turmoil and conflict but a day came when he realized what all men seek: peace. The Lord had delivered him from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul. There were many who sought to destroy him and none as great as a man he loved as king of Israel. Saul was filled with great jealousy towards David spending much of his reign as king trying to kill David. It was a difficult and weary time in the life of David but through it all he maintained his trust in the will of God. Writing a song of praise to the Lord, David declares nine reasons he trusted in the Lord.

The Lord is a ROCK. In war one of the places of security is a high cliff or precipice. This gives advantage against the sudden attack by enemies. David saw God is his high cliff where he would find safety from those who sought to kill him. His safety trusted in the protection of the Lord instead of the whims of men. Only in the Lord could David find security. Climbing to the high cliff of God’s protection the servant of God will see the vistas of God’s mercy and grace. There is no greater place to be with the Lord than secure in His arms as He protects His children from the wiles of the devil.

The Lord is a FORTRESS. A fortress is a place of defense that is so secure that no enemy could approach it. It was a safe place protected by the assaults cast against it. Formed of rock or a hill, the fortress became a place of safety in time of need. David looked upon God as his place of safety so secure no enemies could destroy him. His peace came from the knowledge that his God would keep him safe. The Lord is still a fortress to all those who seek His protecting hand.

The Lord is a DELIVERER. Security not only came from the protection of a rock or fortress, God delivered David from his troubles. Standing before Goliath took a great deal of courage. David told the Philistine giant the Lord was his deliverer and through the might and power of God was able to overthrow Goliath. He did not trust in his own power but relied on the promise of the Lord to supply the strength to overcome insurmountable odds. Looking to God as a deliverer puts the trust of salvation outside human power relying only on the will of the Lord.

The Lord is STRENGTH. Similar to the idea of the Lord being a rock, David knows his power of victory comes from the power of the Lord alone. Not only does the shepherd king rest under the shelter of the rock of God, he finds the strength in his life to be ‘rock-solid’ in knowing the power of God will overcome those who oppose him. Men have to look upon the Lord as their strength instead of relying upon their own knowledge. God must be viewed as the only rock to build a life upon.

The Lord is a SHIELD. In war the buckler or shield was vital to the protection of the whole body. A soldier would use it to cover his body from the arrows of the enemy and to help defend against attacks from the sword or spear. It could be used offensively but it was mainly a weapon of protection to guard against harm. Like a shield, the grace of God covers the heart and soul of the man who depends on the Lord to protect him. David was a man of war and knew personally the value of a shield. He knew the care of God guarded his heart and mind from the wiles of the devil. Shields have no value unless they are taken in hand and used for the purpose of their design. The Lord offers His divine protection for the child of God if he but seek the shield of trust and faith.

The Lord is the HORN OF SALVATION. The horn of salvation was emblematic of power, might and dominion. David looked upon the Lord as a means of power and effectual salvation. Trust must come from relying upon the salvation of God and the horn of salvation was the symbol showing that by God’s power men will be saved. While foreign to modern understanding, the idea of the Lord being a horn of salvation carries the idea of His power to save men in all their circumstances. There is no greater might than the exercised dominion of the Lord God. His might is greater than the greatest man can offer. Trusting in the Lord is relying upon His salvation solely for deliverance.

The Lord is a STRONGHOLD. The fortress of the Lord is a high place where the child of God can safely resided in peace away from the fear of his enemies. This also suggest a high tower as a place of lofty heights impossible for men to overcome. Trusting in the Lord places an acknowledgement that God is so high men cannot attain where the Lord resides. Putting faith in God places the heart in the hands of the Lord where men cannot overcome – nor the devil. Trusting in the will of the Lord places the spirit of man secure in the stronghold of the mighty Father.

The Lord is a REFUGE. When oppression came against David he sought the comfort of God’s refuge. As his stronghold, rock and fortress, the son of Jesse knew that only from the sanctuary of the Lord would he find peace from those who were his enemies. There was not only security but calm in the refuge of the Lord. Resting peacefully in the protection of the Lord God there was nothing for David to fear. Trusting in the Lord will bring a spirit of peace that passes all understanding. Death is not feared, harm from men is dismissed and the trials of life are viewed as stepping stones to eternal rest. God will give refuge to His people now and eternal shelter in the blessings of His presence when all things come to an end.

The Lord is the SAVIOR. Finally, David sums up his trust in the Lord. God is his savior. None could save like the Lord. There is no measure of man to match the salvation found in serving the Lord God. As a rock, fortress, deliverer, shield, horn of salvation, stronghold and refuge, God saved David from all the violence men sought to bring upon him. There is nothing to fear when men place their trust in the Lord. Salvation can and will only come from the power of God. Because of his confidence in the Lord, David eagerly calls upon the Lord as his deliverer and hope. God is worthy to be praised because of the promises of God are true, righteous and everlasting. There will be no fear in the presence of his enemies because David will be saved not by his hand – but the mighty hand of the Lord. Nine reasons he trusted in God. We can do no less.

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