No More Tears

revelation 214

And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away. (Revelation 21:4)

No More Tears

I am tired of crying. I am weary of broken hearts rending with the agony of sorrow. A father weeps uncontrollably as he looks upon his infant son who is dying. Laying next to her precious child a mother can find no more tears to shed as she embraces the tender hand of her son. Family and friends encircle the family with little words finding only expressions of love and support. Death knocks at the door once more. It has happened again as it has since Adam and Eve took of the forbidden fruit. The lie of Satan plunged the world into a darkness of death, sorrow and crying. How did Adam rationalize his son Abel as he lay in a field bloodied by his brother’s anger? Where did Eve go to find answers about why her son was dead? The first murder brought the first death to a family and the first questions and deep sorrow. Sadly, since that time in the beginning, the answers still are being sought for the why.

Death is the unwelcomed guest in every home and is no respecter of persons, age, gender, race or economic status. The old must die; the young can die. Monuments of marble fill the earth as reminders of the cruel hand of death and the unending plague of sorrow. Tragedies come upon the homes of the righteous and the unrighteous. Death is a cruel master. Sorrow is the common lot of all men. Tears flow constantly from eyes filled with the agony of the pain of hearts rent with unimaginable pain. It is unending, merciless and cruel. Sin was the harbinger of the sorrow of all men. The promised joy never came, the gain of wisdom lost and the pleasure of the moment was lost in eternity. Expelled from the garden man lost the ability to live without death. Created an eternal being man abides in a carnal and fleshly temple decaying each day. Death is not a choice but a reality. All men experience sorrow and all of humanity know the sting of tears that stain the face. Death brings sorrow.

Jesus did not come to take death away. It has remained for two thousand years marching through the nations unimpeded. Through the centuries wars, plagues, natural disasters and the common aging of men has reaped a harvest of souls into eternity. Death will remain until the coming of the Lord. It is then, and only then death will be finally destroyed. Found within the word of God is the only knowledge man can have to understand the beginning of death, the why of dying and the hope of what comes after death. In the meantime, sorrow rules as death takes lives daily. Families are torn with the awful pain of loss. Tears fill with eyes in an unending flow of the frailty of life. Jesus cried when He heard of the death of His friend, Lazarus. He understands the process of sorrow and tears. His earthly father Joseph died before His ministry began and the Son of God understand the pain of death. He wept over Jerusalem, He wept over the sins of the people and He wept for the dark sorrow that filled the world. Then He went to Calvary and died so that we could try to understand death. By God’s power He rose from the dead bringing the bright light of eternity to the darkened hearts of men. His death and resurrection did not take death away but it defeated its power. There will come a day with the Lord God will cast death into the second death and it will be no more. It is then – and only then – God will wipe away sorrow and tears from the eyes of His children.

Jesus died to save all men and to take the sting of death out of the hearts of all men. Sadly, most men will not accept the gift of God’s Son which means they will endure sorrow in this life and unbelievable sorrow in the world to come. The children of God will weep in this life and while the tears will flow with deep grief, found within the gem of God’s eternal hope is the knowledge that one day death will reign no more. What is felt in this life will be no more and the joy of a place where there is no death, sorrow, pain or tears will be realized. Death will have its small victory in this world but there will come a day with God will destroy death. Hope is what carries the broken hearts of the grieving to the promise of tomorrow. Experiencing the hollow void of death will give place to the eternal expanse of God’s love. There is a better day coming. A brighter day. This day will be without the tears of loss. It will be the voice of joy in the presence of God. Live for that day. Long for the coming of the Lord. Look to the Father. He loves and cares for our sorrow. Isaac was the son of promise. That promise still lives today.

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