Our God Is An Awesome God

awesome God

In Judah God is known; His name is great in Israel. In Salem also is His tabernacle, and His dwelling place in Zion. There He broke the arrows of the bow, the shield and sword of battle.

 You are more glorious and excellent than the mountains of prey. The stouthearted were plundered; they have sunk into their sleep; and none of the mighty men have found the use of their hands. At Your rebuke, O God of Jacob, both the chariot and horse were cast into a dead sleep. You, Yourself, are to be feared; and who may stand in Your presence when once You are angry? You caused judgment to be heard from heaven; the earth feared and was still, when God arose to judgment, to deliver all the oppressed of the earth.

Surely the wrath of man shall praise You; with the remainder of wrath You shall gird Yourself. Make vows to the Lord your God, and pay them; let all who are around Him bring presents to Him who ought to be feared. He shall cut off the spirit of princes; He is awesome to the kings of the earth.

 (Psalm 76; To the Chief Musician. On Stringed Instruments. A Psalm of Asaph. A Song.)

Our God Is An Awesome God

The image of God has always been a problem for man to appreciate in light of His whole character and nature. It is difficult to look at the Lord God as one who is a wrathful being or one that would punish and inflict harm on man because He is such a loving and kind God. If man accepts the wrathful nature of God it seems to make God a terrible Creator who only wants to bring about destruction upon men. What is lost in the recreation of the Lord into the image of man is the reason so many stories of God’s wrath on man are true – man is a rebellious creature. An unruly child may complain to his father of the constant discipline meted against him while at the same time forgetting if the child would do the father’s will there would be less to punish. God is a wrathful God. He has never denied that and constantly reminds man through history that life is found in obedience. The psalmist Asaph declared the majesty of God in judgment against the rebellion of men as righteousness and truth. All the Lord does shows what an awesome God He is and all men must learn to fear and adore the greatness of the Lord God.

There are none who can stand against the Lord. The glory and excellence of God exceeds anything man can create. Nature declares the majesty of the Creator and His power throughout all ages. The mighty men of earth are puny standing before the work of the Lord. There are no horses or chariots devised by men that can overwhelm the power of God. When the full might of the Egyptian army came against the Hebrews at the Red Sea, the Lord God brought the waters upon them and destroyed every man, horse and chariot. Pharaoh’s most formidable and fearful army was nothing compared to the might of God’s power. God is to be feared! Who can stand in the presence of an angry God like the Lord God Almighty? He destroyed the whole world in the days of Noah killing everything that had the breath of life save eight souls. Who would dare not fear this judgment of the Lord upon the world? When God arises to judge there is silence as His power is opened upon the unrighteous and glory when He delivers the oppressed. He is an awesome God.

The greatest power of man will be subservient to the power of the Lord God. Nothing man can do can challenge the wrath of God. Salvation is found in vowing allegiance to the Lord and obeying His will alone. History has shown what happens when men do not fear the Lord. There is no hope for the foolishness of those who seek to become their own gods. God is an awesome God because His majesty is far above the power of man. Worship is directed to God because He is so great, mighty and powerful and man is to serve Him. Fearing God is a healthy relationship to know how awesome the Creator and Maker of the world should be understood. He has the power to cut off the pride of men in a moment. Nations rise and fall according to His will. No king is as great as the power of God. God is an awesome God in His glory, majesty, might, power and love to show all men who He is. Fear Him for who He is. Love Him because of what He is. His name is great. Praise God.

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