He Died A Horrible Death Because Sin Is Horrible

cross nailing

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us; for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree.” (Galatians 3:13)

He Died A Horrible Death Because Sin Is Horrible

There can be no doubt that crucifixion is the most heinous manner of execution devised by man. It is not a quick death but a long process of excruciating suffering that destroys the courage of the strongest man. The Romans became proficient at the process with expert detail of where to place the nails and body to draw out as much agony as humanly possible. Before the crucifixion the victim was first scourged. By itself this beating was done with precise blows for a specific time bringing the victim near death. They were then condemned to carry their own cross (a crosspiece weighing 70 or 80 pounds) to the place of execution. It was then the final blow of humiliation was put upon the victim as they crucified him. Crowds would taunt those crucified, soldiers would barter for the meager earthly possessions left and the stench of death filled the air. Bugs and insects would feast upon the broken flesh. Death was a welcomed relief. It was this world the Son of God brought Himself to die in the most horrible manner.

Sin has become a fashion statement of grandiose beauty. This is not a new fad because the temptation of Satan is to make men think that rebellion to God is an enjoyable life and many follow the broad way of pleasure. Sin is a beautiful flower, a sparkling glimmer in the water and a fruit pleasant to the eye. Everything about sin is as tempting as any man can bear. Joy and satisfaction are found in sin. A clear reality of sin is that it is fun. So many people would not be engaged in every form of sin there is if there was not some motive, drive and enjoyment found in the pleasures of sin. Eve looked upon the forbidden fruit and saw that it would make her wise and she wanted wisdom. She saw that it was pleasant to the eye. There would have been little temptation if the fruit was a disfigured or prickly. The nature of the fruit appealed to the appetite of the woman. Some fruit does not look good to eat but the forbidden fruit looked as though the taste would be sensational. As Eve took of the fruit it felt good and when she put it to her lips it tasted good. Adam did the same. Then suddenly what seemed like a wonderful experience of euphoria and joy turned very dark and ugly. Sin had revealed itself.

There is nothing about sin that is happy, joyful, and fulfilling. Sin is a cruel master of destruction that is the wormwood of man’s desire destroyed by the insidious odor of Satan’s breath. Rebellion against the Lord God is a heinous and monstrous act of refusing the loving mercy of a forgiving Father. Sin is ugly. It destroys everything it comes in contact with. There has never been a happy conclusion when sin is involved. Murder is terrible because it takes the life of another person and murder is sin. Sexual immorality is fun for a moment but the aftertaste is the poison of hell. Greed is but a momentary fulfillment in something that can never last. Lying brings about sorrow and pain. Sin will destroy families, churches, communities, nations and one day the world. Good lives are thrown away because of sin. Reputations are destroyed, relationships left in ruin and the heap of victims pile up daily. Because of the terrible nature of sin, Jesus had to die the most horrible death.

The sacrifice of Jesus could not be a beating, beheading, hanging or stoning. None of these executions could bring to bear the ugly nature of sin. Jesus had to die a death that represented the reality of what sin is and what it means to God. The reality of the cross is to understand how much God hates sin. It took the death of His Son to redeem man from sin. The price was higher than any man could pay. His sacrifice is unmatched in any of the acts of worship men have done from time millennia. Jesus loved men so much He was willing to pay the horrible price to show how ugly sin is. When we look at the cross we see redeeming love and we begin to understand how horrible sin will be in my life. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice.

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