The Simple Things Of Life

dinner prayer

Better is a little with the fear of the Lord, than great treasure with trouble. Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a fatted calf with hatred. (Proverbs 15:16-17)

The Simple Things Of Life

Happiness in the home can never be measured by the abundance of earthly possessions. Filling the heart with a coveting eye brings darkness to the soul of man as he turns inward to self-destruction. Everyone seeks peace and desires to find fulfillment in life. Amassing great treasures will not bring lasting joy. Dining on the fatted calf will clog the arteries of love. The simple things of life will always bring greater contentment because there are less worries and fear. When the lottery first became popular a contestant had won a large amount of money but had not been heard of for some time. It was discovered the couple had waited until an alarm system was installed before letting anyone know who they were. They did not have this fear when they did not have a lot of money. Winning millions of dollars turned their life into a dreadful routine of who may want to rob them. People will spend lifetimes surrounding themselves with the opulent trappings of the world and never really finding a deep happiness.

The fear of the Lord measures life whether one is rich or poor. God does not condemn riches as they can be used for His glory. Appealing to carnal pleasures for happiness will only bring sadness and heartbreak. The wise man declares that seeking a full life can be found with little possessions and dinners of herb than seeking the abundance of great treasures and eating the fatted calf. It is a hard lesson to learn in the land of plenty. So much is driven by the desire to have the best of everything, the latest gadgets and smartphones and grand homes with cars and boats and expensive toys. None of these things can be enjoyed because of the expense to keep them running, protected and spending a lot of money to insure those things that will perish. Madness ensues. Joy is lost. Souls can be endangered.

Family life under the grace of God is found in being thankful for what He has blessed us with to the level that we have established our souls in His love. The fear of the Lord brings happiness and joy. Having little in this life is a byproduct of knowing we will leave it all behind when we die. The mistake that all men make is to believe that happiness is here on this earth. Man was not created to live on this planet but to dwell in the eternal home with God. Everything we accumulate in life will be left behind. The one treasure all men possess they will not leave behind is their eternal spirit. Cultivating an eternal treasure will bring happiness in this life and the life to come. Enjoying the fear of the Lord and dining on herbs is a lesson about priorities. When love is in the home there is greater treasure than all the kingdoms of the world can possess. A quiet evening with family with simple fare is to be desired more than the frantic rat race of worldly pursuits where hatred fills the home. So many homes are not havens of rest because they seek the treasures of stuff. Fear the Lord. You will find joy beyond measure and love beyond compare.

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