What God Can Do


But Jesus looked at them and said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27)

What God Can Do

The idea of a thing being impossible eliminates any probability or reality that what is considered can be done. Sometimes something may seem impossible but in time can be accomplished. For centuries, sailing beyond the horizon was certain death as many believed the world flat and nothing lay beyond. Columbus, Magellan and others proved what man thought was impossible could be done. It is beyond the imagination of man to believe he could walk on the moon and until the 20th century was impossible. Man conquered that feat July 21, 1969 when Neil Armstrong set foot off the lunar module. For the Chicago Cubs it seemed impossible to win the World Series until they defeated the Cleveland Indians in 2016. There are many things that are viewed in the realm of impossible but through change in technology, science and exploration become realities. This meaning of impossible is not what Jesus was talking about.

There are some things that are clearly impossible for man to do regardless of his wisdom. Man will never be able to walk to the moon, be in two places at one time, ride a modified DeLorean powered by plutonium stolen from Libyan terrorists back to the future, or read the minds of others (just to name a few). A limitation is placed on man by God determining the boundaries of his habitation. This does not reside only in the physical world but also the spiritual world. It is impossible for man to live a full life with sin. It cannot be done. Jesus proved He was the Son of God by living more than thirty years without sin. The temptations of the flesh are constantly bombarding the will seeking to overthrow the spirit. Without help from the Lord, there can be little resistance. Fighting against the wiles of the devil cannot be done without the grace of God. There is no way an individual can defeat Satan standing alone in his own wisdom. Destroying the works of the flesh requires the heavenly assistance of such things as the armor of God, prayer, mercy, grace, love and the will to serve the Lord. With the power of God anything can be done.

Jesus had been challenged by the Pharisees about marriage and divorce. He clearly stated the will of His Father to the astonishment of His disciples. A young man came to Him seeking eternal life but left sorrowful. The Lord had told the ruler to sell all he had, give it to the poor and then follow Jesus. He refused. Again the disciples were stupefied by the answers of Jesus questioning who then could be saved. Jesus looked at them to drive the point home showing what man could not do by himself could be accomplished if he trusted in God. A couple find they are in an unlawful marriage and wonder how to do what God said. The answer is trusting in the Lord to make the impossible possible. When the ruler came to Jesus he wanted to be saved on his own terms. Hearing the price to be paid he scoffed at the possibility of living without his riches and chose to turn his back on the Lord. How could he live without his money? With men it was impossible but with God it could be done.

There is nothing that cannot be accomplished if we seek the will of the Father allowing His strength to carry us through our trial. He will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we are able to bear. Why? With God nothing is impossible. Grief may flood the soul yet trusting in the Lord will soothe the heart. Fearing death will be softened as the Lord guides the mind to understand it is only a sleep to awaken from. Job faced an insurmountable hardship but found hope in the trust he had in his heavenly Father. Paul faced many uncertain days and was strengthened in his journeys by his faith in God. The Bible is filled with stories of the faithful who believed in the promises of the Lord relying upon the possibilities of what their God would do for them. Let our hearts be strengthened in the might of His grace to see His power working in our lives.

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