What Children Need To Hear


Speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord. (Ephesians 5:19)

What Children Need To Hear

Last night I enjoyed listening to a fine lesson by my son-in-law as he spoke on a text from Nehemiah 10. Prior to the lesson we engaged in a number of songs praising God and the singing was filled with great spirit and enthusiasm. Sitting next to my daughter I could not help but notice my four month old granddaughter and her eyes as we sang those wonderful hymns. It seemed the music filled her soul even though she did not comprehend what was going on and what the words meant. Looking at her precious face it made me think what she has experienced in the past four months of her life. Her parents have taken her to numerous services of the Lord where songs were sung, prayers offered and the sharing of God’s word expounded and while she was not aware of its full meaning she learned early the joyful sound of worship. There will be many things Leila will experience in life but none so grand as the early memories of worship. It made an impression on how important it is for our children to hear the right kind of things and imprint on their early minds the joy of praising God.

Children learn early the important things in life. Leila will never question where she will be going on Sundays and Wednesdays. She will never experience the surprise of the family going to church services to sing, pray, remember and meditate on God’s word. This will become embedded in her life because her parents will instill in her a love for hearing the melodies of heaven whether in song or word. She will grow up like our oldest granddaughter Braylyn who loves to sing loudly the joys of spiritual song. And then there is little Josie who at the tender age of a year and a half loves to sing, “Our God Is An Awesome God.” Not to be outdone our six-year-old granddaughter Joslyn sings with an excited pitch the songs she has grown to love. That leaves four grandsons who also know every Sunday and Wednesday they will going to a place to worship the Lord and to sing praises to the God they have grown to know. The point is not a personal observation of my grandchildren. It is realizing the importance of children being in places of worship learning the joys of the Heavenly Father.

Many children of Christian’s do not know whether they are going to worship services or not. It is not unusual for them to stay home rather to “go to church.” They are not familiar with the words of the songs, how to find stories in the Bible or what the sacrifice of Jesus Christ means. Sadly, parents will waste the formative years of a child’s learning for their personal gains and carnal interest and then bemoan the reality their children have no interest in God when they get older. No child should ever have to ask their parents if they are going to church or not. The church needs to exhort and encourage the families to instill in their children a love for God. This begins before the first baby is born. Little Leila did not understand what was being said or done last night but through her eyes and ears should new something special was going on. I suspect that when she gains her voice she will sing those precious songs like “Jesus Loves Me” and her cousins will teach her to love the songs of God. It begins in the home. It begins in the heart of the parents who know the value of teaching their sons and daughters to love the Lord God with all their hearts and with all their little souls.

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