The Lord God Abhors America


And you shall not walk in the statutes of the nation which I am casting out before you; for they commit all these things, and therefore I abhor them. (Leviticus 20:23)

The Lord God Abhors America

It will be a little over forty years before the children of Israel will cross the Jordan River into the land of promise. Mt. Sinai still looms large before them as the law was delivered to the people through the servant of the Lord, Moses. The Ten Commandments are given as the preamble to the extensive law that would become the whole of the Law of Moses. Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers declare the law given by God to the people with the clear admonition to obey every tenant and design given by the Lord. Among the prohibitions of the law are the practice of pagan worship as characterized by the Ammonite god Molech and the immorality of the many nations surrounding Israel. The Hebrews were to be a separate nation by geography and by morality. Their laws were strict in adhering to principles of righteousness, purity and holiness as set forth by God. Failure to obey the commandments, ordinances and judgments of the Lord were met with severe penalty.

The greatest challenge Israel would face as a nation was to reject the idol worship of the nations around them. It would become their downfall as the kingdom divided following the death of Solomon, who laid the groundwork for idol worship. Pagan idolatry eviscerated the spiritual heart of God’s people from within with its immoral and decadent practices. Human sacrifice was part of idol worship including the sacrifice of children on the red-hot arms of Molech. Sexual whoredom was common in the religious rites of hedonism. Turning away from God and seeking after psychics and spiritualist man worshiped himself. Families were torn apart as children rebelled against their parents cursing them and screaming vulgarities. Adultery was common. Pornography was graphic in the lives of the pagans. Sexual perversion endorsed a man to sleep with his neighbor’s wife, his father’s wife and even his own daughter-in-law. Homosexuality was the norm as men went in with men and women with women. Orgies were the past time of the day. A man married a woman and brought to his bed his mother-in-law. Bestiality was practiced. Incest was common. This was the character of the nation’s God was destroying and telling the Israelite nation to not follow in their path.

Reading Leviticus 20 is a reflection of where our country finds itself today. There can be no denying these practices are common and defended by the laws of the land. Increasingly, the minority of the ungodly are changing the heart of the nation towards the hedonistic voyeurisms of fleshly pleasures. Television flagrantly portrays homosexuality and multiple partners as the only way to find pleasure. Abortion is the modern form of Molech as millions of unborn children are murdered. A snow-flake generation of young people are entering the world believing they are entitled to have whatever they want, rebelling against authority, law and personal rights. Chaos reigns in the streets of America with protesters burning and destroying properties because they did not get their way. Families are decimated by the rebellion of a society gone mad.

Sexual perversion is no longer uncommon. Pornography is destroying lives by the millions with its ease of access and empty promises of pleasure. Billions of dollars are spent each year to fight the drug epidemic that takes the lives of so many of our young people and porn is the greatest addiction that goes untreated. Sexual promiscuity is proliferated through sexting, chat sites and the internet. There are no bounds for the level of depravity men will seek to find a moment’s pleasure. America is stained with the putridity of Satan’s touch and increasingly is devolving into a world of darkness. It is no longer the land of the red, white and blue but a nation of degenerate, rebellious and selfish people seeking their own lustful desires.

God abhors what America has become just as He abhorred the people of Israel when they turned away from Him. Israel was the Lord’s own special people; the apple of His eye. They rejected God and He rejected them. America has never been the chosen nation of God as He is not interested in the political wrangling of men. At one time, there was a greater sense of morality in America that has long been forgotten. No longer a nation united under God, we have become a body of people that have evolved into the mire of a decadence not unlike so many nations before us and around us. Our pride will not allow us to see how truly immoral we have become and how deeply we have buried ourselves in the rabbit hole of our pleasures. But here we are. And God abhors it.

Salvation may not come to America but Jesus did not die for nations, He died for men. Like the days of Noah, righteousness will come from the heart of the individual who is willing to stand for truth, righteousness and purity in a world gone made for the delicacies of the devil’s brew. There were only eight righteous souls when Noah entered the ark. When the hand of God shut the door, the only thing that mattered was who was in the safety of the ark. Living in America is no different. What matters is if a person is in Christ and walking in the light of His word. When the world comes to an end (and it will), God will save only those who have kept themselves undefiled from those things that He abhors. The choice is yours. Choose whom you will serve.

America is not a Christian nation. There is only one Christian nation – God’s people, the church of Jesus Christ. (Vance Havner; 1901-1986)

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