No Matter What God Reigns

god reigns

And I heard, as it were, the voice of a great multitude, as the sound of many waters and as the sound of mighty thunderings, saying, “Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns! (Revelation 19:6)

No Matter What – God Reigns

The Revelation of John is a challenging book of visions that play across a grand stage of divine disclosure to the wonderful scenes of judgment upon those who would oppress, persecute and harm the faithful of God. Rooted deep within its pages of mysterious images of seals, trumpets, woes and declarations is a common theme that the Lord God has never forgotten His people and will never allow them to be filled with hopelessness in the face of great trial. He never promises to deliver His saints from harm often allowing the forces of evil to kill His people but the eternal lesson from the beginning of time is the view of life as a temporary time of sojourn with the faith to see beyond the vale of death to a better world. What has challenged man is his inability to allow his soul to be free from the earthly trappings of the flesh and long for the spiritual bounties of grace promised in eternal life. As the saints of God faced an uncertain future in the world of their day, John pens a message that life is not about the here and now but the glory of victory found in Christ Jesus. The early Christians lived in a world bent on their destruction. Through the power of government, religion, carnality and every evil Satan could throw at the church, the faithful of God suffered immense persecution. The message of the Revelation was not a promise to remove all of these terrible things from their lives but to assure the righteous that God heard their cries and that glory would be found in the realm of eternity. It is hard when a man is in the midst of a fiery trial to see the purifying power of the experience to be something of glory. While no one can face such trial without fear and trepidation the hope is given that through the eye of faith one can courageously maintain a faith in the love of God to deliver the soul from death. Life is but a vapor. Eternity is without end. If a man suffers in life it is but a short time compared to an eternal misery if found faithless. Reading the Revelation the message of hope is established upon the powerful testimony that regardless what man will do to the righteous of God, those who are faithful will ultimately receive the victory.

As the saints of God lived through the terrible persecutions put upon the early church, a single message of hope delivered their spirits from despair. Salvation and glory and honor and power belong to the Lord God because He reigns. He rules above all men. His power is greater than anything man has. The powers of men can only do so much and then they are destroyed. History is filled with the decaying ruins of great nations who exalted themselves against the Lord God and were destroyed. Where are the Romans, the Huns, the Imperial nations and those who sought to rule a thousand years? All the nations of men fall when they deny God and serve their gods of power, wealth and immorality. The book of the Revelation is a clear message of God’s power and might over all those who oppose His people. The Lord God is omnipotent, almighty, all-powerful, invincible and unstoppable. There is nothing that man can do that will stand in the way of the will of the Lord. Governments can ban the Bible but the word of God endures. An immoral world can persecute the righteous but the purity of truth remains. Saints may die at the hand of ungodly men but death is but a transition for the child of God to a place where there is no pain and suffering. What is there that man can do to a child of God that will destroy him? Praise belongs to God because He is omnipotent and shows His power to care for His children regardless of what men may do.

Life is not about what happens here but the glory that is revealed in the life to come. Righteous souls see life for what it is: temporary. Unrighteous souls see life for what it is not: eternal. The joy of being a Christian is the knowledge that God is so powerful in His love, mercy, grace and promises that nothing in this world will hinder the faith of the child of God. Reading the Revelation reminds the faithful that God is all powerful. Satan is destroyed along with death and Hades and all those who oppose the word of God. Praise belongs to God as one opens the heart to see His omnipotent power and believes that while facing the crucifix of earthly trial the joy of heaven waits. Jesus faced the cross with a determined faith for what lay beyond. Life is but a cross to bear for a moment and then glory. God raised His Son from the grave and gave hope to all who will trust in Him. Believing in the power of God as omnipotent assures the heart the power of God to give life after death. Facing the darkness of death is replaced with the knowledge of the light that is given to those who die in the Lord. He is all powerful and mighty. Praise God and sing Alleluia for the Lord God Omnipotent reigns.

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1 Response to No Matter What God Reigns

  1. Barbara J. Barnes says:

    Thank you Kent. No greater joy than knowing the love and power of our almighty God and that we can depend on Him no matter what we face in this life, He is with us.


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