Trust In The Lord


The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; for You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You. (Psalm 9:9-10)

Trust In The Lord

One of my favorite stories about trust is found in the man who bought a brand new sports car and took it to the mountains for a test drive. He flew around corners and plunged down long embankments speeding up quick hills to the exhilaration of the thrill of his brand new machine. Everything was going fine until he swerved to miss a boulder in the middle of the road and he crashed through the guardrail plunging down a deep crevasse. The car flipped over and over exploding in a huge fireball at the bottom. Luckily for the man he had been thrown free of the car tumbling down the side of the mountain before a limb stopped his fall. He hung clinging to the limb with no way to climb back to the top and fearing to let go for the height of his fall would mean certain death. There he was between heaven and earth and little hope. He cried out to passing motorist but no one could hear him. His arms began to ache as he struggled to maintain his hold on the only thing saving him from death. As he hung suspended in the air his thoughts turned to what the preacher in the village had said every Sunday. “Trust in the Lord and He will take care of you.” At the time, the man was too busy to think of such things. Now that is all he could think of. Crying out, the man shouted with a loud voice, “God if you are there, can you help me?” Clouds rumbled together and a voice came from the cloud, “Yes, I am here.” “Lord,” the man replied, “I am in a real fix here. I lost control of my car, plunged over the side and I only have this limb to save me. Would you please help me Lord?” There was a silence and then a voice said, “If you trust in Me and do as I say, I can help you.” “Oh yes, Lord,” the excited man exclaimed. “You tell me what to do and I will do it for sure. Thank you, Lord.” The voice replied, “Let go of the branch and I will catch you. Then I will put you back on the road and you can return home.” A long silence followed. “Hey, can anyone else hear me?” the man shouted.

Trusting God is learning how to let go of the branch. The challenge for man is to remember that he cannot be the master of his life without first putting God in charge. We want to do things our way and often delegate God to a “when needed basis” to be called on in an emergency. The Lord is great, powerful, and majestic but I do not need His help until I fall over a cliff and some calamity happens. Trusting in God is allowing Him to take charge of our lives letting His will be my guide and the light for my path. Letting go of the branch is releasing our desires and accepting the providential mercy of the Lord to direct my heart, my speech, my thoughts and plans. He will be our refuge and protection only when we let Him. We have to trust Him. This conviction is not a prosthetic that I take on and off when needed. Faith in God is a daily recognition that everything I have is from Him and anything my life will be is because of His grace.

Fear takes a heavy toll on our trust factor. Suspended high in the air of life and the Lord asking us to let go is faith multiplied by the grain of a mustard seed. It can be done but we have to believe that God will catch us. That is where we struggle. How far will He let me fall before He catches me? Those first moments of free-fall are unsettling. Trusting in God is knowing He is always right and His way will bring peace and safety. Abraham let go of the branch when he rose early in the morning to begin his journey to Moriah. It was there he was to offer his only son as a burnt offering. Peter had faith to walk on water. Paul trusted in the providence of God to guide his life; even when facing death. Whatever we face in life must begin with letting go of the branch.

Jesus does not say, “There is no storm.” He says, “I am here, do not toss but trust.” (Vance Havner; 1901-1986)

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