The Greatest Builder



And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. (Matthew 16:18)

The Greatest Builder

Frank Lloyd Wright is arguably one of the greatest architects of history. He is joined with master artisans like Frank Gehry, Ieoh Ming Pei, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Michelangelo. Through the centuries, great works of art rise from the earth in architectural beauty defining a generation by the buildings that bear the names of great craftsmen. These building reflect the artists hand in structure, design and function. Those versed in the language of architecture can immediately see the hand of the master in a building. The unknown builders of ancient Egypt still marvel the modern mind as the Pyramids stand for centuries belying the logic of time. Great buildings are a testimony to the wisdom of great men.

Among all the creations of architecture in the history of man, no institution is of greater beauty and power than the church built by Jesus Christ. What is unique of this structure is that it does not consist or mortar and stone. The church of Christ is not an edifice that possesses one place on earth but spreads to the four corners of the world as a building of hope, promise, peace and salvation. Two thousand years ago, Jesus promised to build His church, the one that would bear His name, His mark, His blood and His purpose. It would not be placed among men as a second thought but purposed before time began. Jesus would build His church. What a remarkable thought. The church would bear His character. God’s Son would design a splendid creation that would never decay or fail over the centuries of time. Men build structures that decay over time. Not so with the church of Jesus Christ as it withstands the winds of change through the years retaining its power and glory unchanged.

The promise of Jesus to build His church came at a price. His death on the cross purchased the eternal body of believers that would become the living stones of the church. The church is a blood-bought spiritual edifice. Jesus Christ purchased the church with the agony, suffering and pain of a cross at Calvary. On the first day of the week, Jesus arose from the dead becoming the cornerstone of the church in the promise of the resurrection. Twelve men gathered in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost and opened the doors of the Kingdom of Christ for the first time. The church was born. It flourished in the teaching of Jesus Christ expanding its borders all over the world. After nearly two millennia, it remains as vibrant and active as the day it was formed. Known as the Kingdom of God, the church of Christ retains the character designed by Jesus.

Jesus promised to build His church and through that promise allowed men to follow a simple pattern recreating His church in every country of the world. The simplicity of the New Testament pattern attunes to the perfect design established by His Father. While there are differences in cultural aspects of worship, the church has the same pattern in Nicaragua as it does in South Korea or China and cities of America. A person can travel the globe and find the pattern of the New Testament church followed in the plan prescribed by its builder. Jesus built a remarkable body of people that share together in the grace of the Father. Thank God for the church, the body of believers, a spiritual house and the bride of Christ.

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