Walking In The Spirit

walking-in-the-spiritI say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. (Galatians 5:16)

Walking In The Spirit

The battle between the lust of the flesh and the spiritual mind is enormous. No day goes by without a skirmish of mortal desires attacking heavily the holy life of the child of God. Satan arms himself with everything in his power to break down the walls of faithful resistance. He wins a few battles. He loses many times through the power of God. The battle goes on. While there is no simple formula to ward off the attacks of the devil, Paul’s admonition has a simple approach to deal with the constant barrage of temptation. Walking in the Spirit is an active lifestyle. The apostle did not suggest sitting in the Spirit or standing in the Spirit. He emphasized the adjective of walking indicating action. Walking in the Spirit will defeat the temptations of the flesh in three ways.

Walking in the Spirit is walking away from lust. The spirit and the flesh are like polar ends of each other. There is no attraction between the spirit and the flesh because they are contrary to one another. Spiritual mindedness is filled with purity and holiness by the word of God. Faith comes from hearing the word of God and the more the heart is filled with the mind of the Lord the less there will be room for the lust of the flesh to find root. As an active measure of our faith, walking in the Spirit is a daily feeding on the character of God immersing ourselves in His image. The lust of the flesh is appealing but walking in the Spirit helps us flee from immorality.

Walking in the Spirit is walking with God. The armor of God protects us from the harmful blows of the wiles of Satan. He attacks the heart with every measure of lust he can muster. All parts of the armor of God defend against the powerful lust of the flesh with righteousness, truth, hope, faith and the word of God. The child of God is surrounded by the army of God whose leader is the commander of the Lord’s army. Every day is a walk with God. We go with Him, He leads us, we follow His guide and His power protects us. Walking in the Spirit is putting our footsteps in the path of righteousness. Walking in the Spirit is walking with Jesus.

Walking in the Spirit is seeking those things above. The vision we have in our life will determine the direction we are going. Seeking the Spirit of God will help defend against the lust of the flesh, measure our steps by His word and give us a hope to live for as the battle continues each day. We know this life is temporary and the battles we face will end in glory. The Spirit helps in our weakness and gives us confidence as we faithfully serve the Lord. Heaven is not just a place we desire to go but also a visualization of the life we live now in the grace of God. Walking in the Spirit is a journey taking us to an eternal home where there are no tears, sorrow and death.

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