Her Name And Her life

whats-in-a-nameNow when Jehu had come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she put paint on her eyes and adorned her head, and looked through a window. Then, as Jehu entered at the gate, she said, “Is it peace, Zimri, murderer of your master?” And he looked up at the window, and said, “Who is on my side? Who?” So two or three eunuchs looked out at him. Then he said, “Throw her down.” So they threw her down, and some of her blood spattered on the wall and on the horses; and he trampled her underfoot. And when he had gone in, he ate and drank. Then he said, “Go now, see to this accursed woman, and bury her, for she was a king’s daughter.” So they went to bury her, but they found no more of her than the skull and the feet and the palms of her hands. Therefore they came back and told him. And he said, “This is the word of the LORD, which He spoke by His servant Elijah the Tishbite, saying, ‘On the plot of ground at Jezreel dogs shall eat the flesh of Jezebel; and the corpse of Jezebel shall be as refuse on the surface of the field, in the plot at Jezreel, so that they shall not say, “Here lies Jezebel.” ‘ ” (2 Kings 9:30-37)

Her Name And Her Life

The birth of a baby is a wondrous event. There is found in the creative hand of God the beauty of His perfect design. Newborn babies are free from the ugly scars of hatred, lust, murder and prejudice. All babies share in the common spirit of perfection. Naming a baby is also an important role in defining the life of the child. The name will become synonymous with everything remembered about the child that grows to adulthood. In the long ago world of the Old Testament period, a baby girl was born to the king of Sidon. The name given the little baby girl meant “chased, free from carnal connection.” Her name would belie the nature the woman would become. Her name was Jezebel.

It would seem incredulous to attach the name of chastity with a licentious, fanatical, and evil woman. Even those not familiar with scripture have heard of the wickedness of Jezebel. The name did not make her the evil woman that she was; her life defined her character. There are few women in the annuals of history that describe evil as much as Jezebel does. Her husband Ahab was a whimpering puppet Jezebel used to do anything she desired. Untold lives were destroyed by her hand, righteous men like Naboth. The land of Israel was filled with sensuality, debauchery, and every evil devised by Satan. What made this more tragic is this came upon the people of God. They were His chosen people, His own special nation. No king that reigned in Israel following Solomon was righteous. Jezebel took evil to a new height and the Lord God was not unaware of her deeds.

The downfall of Jezebel came ultimately with the murder of the righteous man, Naboth. He was framed and murdered by Jezebel because Ahab wanted his vineyard. The prophet Elijah warned her and Ahab what would happen and God’s word is true. Jehu became the agent that carried out the will of the Lord. Her death was the fulfillment of the righteous judgment of a vengeful God who repays the evil heart with the penalty of condemnation. The final moments of her life are indescribable. What she realized in eternity is far worse. She did not live for God while she was Queen but when she died, she saw the Lord God in all clarity. What she suffers now will never end. And what became of Naboth? He is resting in the bosom of Abraham.

Our names were given to us for many reasons. We had no choice about that name but what we do with that name is what makes our name good or evil. The Hitler family of early Germany was a respected name for a hard working family. Adolf, the son, changed all of that. Benedict Arnold was a hero in the early days of our nation’s history but one fatal event changed his legacy. Jezebel was an innocent child at one time but her life story became the legend of incarnate evil because she chose to leave a legacy of wickedness. Our life and our name define who we are. What we do with our life will determine largely what our name will be remembered. More importantly, eternity will depend on whether our name is in the Book of Life. Now that is a great story.

Sometimes the pinnacle of fame and the height of folly are twin peaks. (Anonymous)

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