A Simple Guide For Life

joy2And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. (Colossians 3:17)

A Simple Guide For Life

In a world seeking simple things to make life easier, the gospel of Christ is filled with easy patterns to follow. The life of the Christian is to be a joy. There are so many blessings it would take more than a lifetime to count them. Lost in the confusion of an oppressive world the child of God can lose their focus and reason to rejoice for all God has done for them. Those little gems of God’s grace sprinkled throughout His word will help to strengthen the heart and give a joyful attitude to the life of a Christian.

The new man in Christ is a person who seeks to do everything in his or her life by the pattern of Jesus Christ. To do something in the name of the Lord is to walk along His path following His direction. As Creator, the Lord knows everything that is good for man. The purpose of the will of God is not to oppress the spirit of man but to set it free for what it is designed to do. Filling life with the thanksgiving of God’s grace is where true happiness and contentment are found. Paul exhorts the people of God to live each day seeking to follow the pattern of Jesus Christ. The application is where the lesson is found.

Jesus is a wonderful example of love and kindness. He stood firm for the truth of God. His teaching was from the mouth of His Father. Prayer filled His life. Sharing the good news of the living water with others was a constant source of strength for Him. He loved people. His message was stern against the religious hypocrisy of the day. In every part of His life He lived to please the Father above. Whatever we do in life, we should follow the pattern of Jesus. Let His name be on our lips when we speak. As we talk with others, let the spirit of Christ grace our tongues. This is where kind words are found and forgiveness is seen. When we go to work, people should see the spirit of Christ living in our work place. Our demeanor is the character of godliness. We should always remember that we serve a greater master than those who sign our paycheck. Our work ethic is governed by the Lord God.

Husbands and wives fill their homes with the name of the Lord Jesus. Prayers are often, the Bible is the focus of the home, and love is bound with the presence of God. Mothers and fathers are teaching their children that whatever is done should be done in the name of the Lord. Decisions are measured by what pleases the Lord. An example is impressed upon the community that our homes are filled with the grace of Jesus Christ. As the lights in the world, our friends and neighbors see Christ living in us. We are not people who grumble and complain all the time. People of God are thankful people. There is much to be thankful for and we acknowledge that every day of our lives. Whatever we are going to do today is going to be showing the name of Jesus Christ in our actions and the thanksgiving of a loving God in our hearts. You want joy? Live life with the name of Jesus Christ embedded in everything you do.

When we serve with joy, we promote His honor and glory; because we show that we do it with affection, and that all we do is nothing compared to what we would wish to do. (Alphonsus Rodriguez, On Christian Perfection, 1611)

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