Remember The Basics

faithSo then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17)

Remember The Basics

  1. Faith is necessary for salvation. Without faith, there is no hope, no joy, no knowledge, and no promise. Faith guides us, fills us, moves us and keeps us. It is the foundation of our relationship with an unseen visible God. Faith.
  2. Birth does not grant faith; it is born from hearing. When we come into the world, our hearts are pure and undefiled. The ravages of sin mar the landscape in time and we need salvation. Hearing is the action of receiving faith on a heart filled with sin. Without hearing, there can be no faith and without faith, there can be no redemption. Hearing.
  3. The word of God is the lock-pin of the hope of salvation. Grace is found in the mind of God revealed to man through the written word. Without the written word, man would be hopeless. It is not in man to save himself. The word of God is the only means that man can find the knowledge of redemption. Found in the word of God is the nature of man, the failing of man, the need of man and the answer for man. This is not revealed in the world. It is only found in the Bible and the Bible alone. The question of what a man must do to be saved is found in the written word. God’s love in sending His Son fills the pages of the written word from cover to cover. The word of God.
  4. Faith comes from hearing and hearing will only come from the word of God. The degree of faith is first measured by the knowledge of God’s will. Without a loving relationship with the word of God, faith diminishes. If faith is a fire, the word of God is the wood that builds that fire. How much wood you have in your heart will determine how much faith you have in your life. More wood – more fire; more faith. Faith + hearing + the word of God = joy and peace.
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