Same Lord. Same Message.

repentanceFrom that time Jesus began to preach and to say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 4:17)

Same Lord. Same Message.

The preaching of Jesus was very simple. It did not require great fanfare or pomp and circumstance to impress upon the mind the basic truth of God’s will. Men needed to change their lives and follow the will of the Father. It was the same message from the beginning and remains the same doctrine today. The reason most men do not believe the word of God is that human wisdom requires a greater reasoning. Viewing the will of God is too complicated because of its simplicity. Found in the simple message of Jesus Christ is the most difficult thing man has to do: change. Jesus did not come to change the political world, feed the millions with bread and fishes, heal all diseases of the flesh and satisfy the desires of the human mind. He came to change men because man needed to go in a different direction. The preaching was clear: change.

Repentance is a hard word for man to grasp. Pride builds a wall of resistance to the belief anything is wrong and rejects the idea that the spirit of man must make radical transformation. The character of repentance is not a slight turn. It requires a change of mind, a new purpose and a new life. Jesus preached a message to men of radical change. No longer can man do what he wants but he must follow the law of God. It is not a comfortable fit for man. The kingdom of God belongs to God and subservience to the will of God is required to be found faithful. Kingdom rule is not a democracy. The autocratic rule of God is absolute because there is no one greater than Him. All men must submit to the total control of the Lord God in their lives and that is how repentance brings peace.

Preaching the message of repentance and kingdom living is still necessary. The same Lord that spoke those words is the same Lord reigning today at the right hand of God. His rule of authority requires men to repent and serve the King. Repentance requires forsaking everything of the spirit of man to serve the Lord. Satan whispers in the ear that man is his own god. The lie of Satan turns most men away from serving the one true God because they do not want to repent or change their lives to serve the kingdom of the Lord. They build their kingdoms of straw and serve themselves. All kingdoms will be destroyed except the kingdom of God. It will stand.

Repent! Serve the King. Old message but still true.

Repentance was perhaps best defined by a small girl: It’s to be sorry enough to quit. (C. H. Kilmer, The New Illustrator, 1945)

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