dailydevotion_1Sunday Morning Starters – Our Father In Heaven

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

He Needs To Be In All Beginnings

With a new year approaching plans are being made for resolutions that will make the coming year a greater year than before. Losing weight is always a focus soon lost after a few weeks or months. Promises to work harder, changes in character, resolve to be a different person, purposes refocused; a myriad of things that excite the mind in the beginning. For many these plans will come true and each year will bring greater reward. Lost in the shuffle of New Year resolutions is the foundation for every plan we should make. Where is the Heavenly Father? Without Him being at the beginning of every decision there can be little hope of success that is worth measuring.

The Bible tells us that God was in the beginning and formed everything in the beginning. This was the original New Year. Everything began by the hand of the Creator and they continue to this day because of this same power. He spoke the world into existence and by His word the world remains in constant form today. His beginning power is still evident when we behold the universe. The sun, moon and stars that we see today are the same sun, moon and stars that Adam saw. So did Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah and Jesus when he walked among men. The beginning of God in this world shouts forth every day.

As the New Year begins to unfold we should take stock of the presence of God in the world. Seeing His great power we should then begin each new resolution with the name of the Father. Making decisions to change our lives can only be accomplished if they are for the glory of God. How many resolutions pertain to our spiritual body? Do you want to be a better husband or father? Begin with God. If you have made plans to be a better wife or mother the Heavenly Father must be at the headwaters of those decisions. Our jobs are important and what better place to show forth Christ living in our lives. As you make those plans for excelling in your profession do so with the Lord at the beginning of those choices. What can you do that will bring greater glory to God? If you are to be married in the coming year make those plans with God in mind. Remain pure to serve the Lord in your marriage as one with Him. As parents let us resolve to spend more time sharing the story of God to our children and grandchildren. Let this coming year be the year we devote our time to the service of the church of our Lord. Be more involved in the work of the local congregation. Put God first in your dedication to the cause of His Son.

‘In the beginning’ is a great theme for the coming year to let God the Father be at the beginning of everything we do. Make a resolution to begin each day with the word of God in your heart and the word of prayer on your hands. Rise up a little earlier if you have to but begin each day with God. It will make the day so much richer. When you begin the day with God your day will be more fruitful and more blessed. He will honor your life with His presence. What a beginning that will be.

We can part with every other good. We can endure the darkening of life’s fairest prospects. But this bright, consoling doctrine of one God, even the Father, is dearer than life, and we cannot let it go. (William Ellery Channing; 1780-1842, Works)

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