Thursday Morning Thankfulness – Who Dwells In My Heart


Thursday Morning Thankfulness – Epistles of Paul

That Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. (Ephesians 3:17)

Who Dwells In My Heart

When Jesus ascending unto the Father following His resurrection it was not His plan to remain there. Throughout His teaching He wanted man to come to learn about Him and live for Him in their lives. The teachings of Jesus are to become an integral part of our lives filling our spiritual hearts with His presence. As in the physical heart where the blood of life sustains us the blood of Christ must flow in our inner man to sustain our spirits. Paul’s prayer exhorts the saints to bring Christ into their lives to dwell.

Jesus sat down at the right hand of God so that He can sit down in the center of our hearts. He wants us to open our hearts for Him to dwell there. This is not a temporary arrangement for an occasional visit. The influence of Jesus must be a constant part of our everyday lives. Our decisions today as we go to work or school must be guided by the principles of Christ. He is not to be a part of our lives only on Sunday and Wednesday night. Dwelling is a constant presence with permanence.

If someone moves in with us we are constantly talking with them and seeing them. They live in our space. There is a daily communion we enjoy with them because the dwell in the same house with us. Spending time with the word of God is where our faith comes and through that faith Christ lives in us. The more we spend in the BOOK the more we feel the presence of the Lord in our hearts. One of the most basic lessons of our faith in Christ is His dwelling in our hearts through faith. The more He fills the rooms of our hearts the less room there is for Satan to find his way in. Dee Bowman said, “It is hard to sin with God on your mind.” With Christ dwelling in your heart you will be able to withstand the wiles of the devil.

Who dwells in your heart? How many rooms of your heart are filled with Jesus Christ? Invite Him in not to visit but to settle down and be a part of your life. When Jesus moves in it must be a permanent arrangement. Invite the Lord into your heart to dwell as the influence in all parts of your life. What a blessing that will be.

Christ is rich, who will maintain you; He is a king, who will provide you; He is a sumptuous entertainer, who will feast you; He is beautiful, who will give in abundance all that can make you happy. (Edmund Campion, Ten Reasons, 1581)

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