Monday Morning Coffee Break – Monday With Jesus

DailyDevotion_1Monday Morning Coffee Break – Life With Jesus

The following day Jesus wanted to go to Galilee, and He found Philip and said to him, “Follow Me.” (John 1:43)

Monday With Jesus

There does not seem to be any clear identification of a certain Monday recorded in the life of Jesus but there were more than 1500 Monday’s in His life. It is interesting to note the manner of the gospel writers describing the life of Jesus. Often the writers will say of the ministry of Jesus “the next day” or “the following day.” Mark and John speak of events happening “after two days” or “the same day.” The wedding feast where the Lord began His signs was “on the third day” after his conversation with Nathanael (John 2:1). The final week of Jesus’ life tells of His triumphal entry to Jerusalem (Sunday) and on Monday curses the fig tree (Matthew 21:18) dying on the cross four days later. Jesus did a lot of things on a lot of days which shows He was a man like you and me.

Monday was the second day of the week for the Lord just like it is today (not the same name). For Jesus it was two days removed from Sabbath. During creation the firmament was divided in the midst of the waters on ‘Monday’ and God called the firmament Heaven. Monday. A lot happens on Monday. I wonder what Jesus did on Monday? It would be fun to know what Jesus did on this day of the week. Was Jesus born on a Monday? Maybe it was Joseph or Mary’s birthday. Monday could have been the day when Jesus began His ministry. There is no way to know and it is important for only one reason. The Lord lived and served His Father on Monday.

The second day of the week has become known as a day usually things go wrong. A day to go back to work but after the weekend things just don’t come together. Silly day. But Monday is a great day and a powerful day because it is a day created by God. Jesus had Monday’s but it did not get Him down. He used this day like any other day for the glory of God. It was a day to show the world His Father. As you begin your day today remember the Lord had Monday’s and He glorified God. We can use this day to show others how important yesterday was so we can show them how tomorrow will be a day of promise. We have no promise of another day but today so let’s use today – yes it is a Monday – for a day of victory! Jesus did.

  • Kent Heaton
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