Wednesday Morning Meditations – The Sum

DailyDevotion_1Wednesday Morning Meditation – Psalms

The entirety of Your word is truth, and every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever. (Psalm 119:160)

The Sum

Math is not one of my strong points but I understand what it means when I see the word “sum.” The English Standard Version of scripture renders Psalm 119:160 as “The sum of your word is truth.” From the King James Version it reads “Thy word is true from the beginning.” There are some hard things to understand in the Bible. Psalm 119:160 is as plain as 1 + 1 = 2. Basic. Fundamental. Easy to understand. Powerful.

The psalmist makes a simple statement of profound knowledge. Looking at the word of God there is nothing else to consider in the realm of truth. The entire message of God from the beginning of time is truth. God is true. His word is true. The acts of God are true. Destroying the world in the days of Noah was right. Saving the nation of Israel shows the righteousness of God. Allowing His Son to come to earth and die for the misery of man was truth in flesh. Raising Him from the dead exalted His word as truth. Promising eternal life comes from His heart of love. Condemning the ungodly to Hell is the fulfillment of His righteousness. The entire message of His word is truth no matter what man says or does.

Understanding the sum of His words as TRUTH will be of no benefit if we do not avail ourselves of its message in my life. Man does not represent truth and is not reliable. The grace of God is He never lies and has never failed in ANY promise made. His word is truth and His righteousness is forever. Why would I not trust in Him? How can I deny His power in my life when He will never fail me? Do I understand everything God ask of me every day? No – but I can trust whatever He asks of me it will be good. Wow. What a way to live. No fear. No worries. All trust. All love.

Today is the middle of the week. Okay the week started good but maybe Monday and Tuesday were a little rough around the edges. That is fine – we have today. Trust Him more today than ever. Believe in His truth which never fails. He will not fail you today! That is truth! As you go through your day today remember this word: SUM. The entirety of His word is truth and it will guide you every day. And then when Uncle Thursday shows up tomorrow you just tell him you have a word for him: SUM! Try it out on Cousin Friday and sister Saturday. It makes a world of difference that word: SUM! Hum your Sum if you like. Make it a SUM day today.

The Bible may cause you to wonder, but it will never cause you to wander. (Selected)

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