Excel In Life

Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before unknown men. (Proverbs 22:29)

Excel In Life

The character of the child of God is to rise above the carnal nature of men to show the glory of the Father in every part of life. There is a spirit of greed and lust in the hearts of worldly men who pursue the golden ring of success through any means possible. Righteousness is the spirit of a man who seeks to honor God in every part of his life. This is especially true as a reflection of the kind of work a man does. It has always been the desire of God for His people to stand above the world in character, disposition, and fidelity. Laziness has never been pleasing to the Lord. A slothful man is a disgrace to the nature of righteousness. Examining who God called to do His work – it is found they were all busy and industrious. Each one had a different role and came into the picture of God’s grace at different times but the successful ones sought to excel in what they did.

A man who excels is someone that stands above his peers. The irony is the humble man is who stands the tallest. God wants His children to excel above the norms of what is expected. The Christian is a hardworking, diligent and faithful employee in the job place. His work reflects his love for God to be honest and dutiful in carrying out his responsibilities. He strives to excel in his knowledge. The purpose of his excelling is not to be seen of men but rather to let the image of the heavenly Father reflect in his work. It is doubtful he will stand before a king, but his example would put him at the head of the line if there were a king to approach.

Righteous men and women are needed in a world filled with slothfulness, despair, and dishonesty. Communities are made better by Christian neighbors helping those in need, showing kindness to strangers, and living an example of faith. Because of the industry of the child of God, unknown men will recognize Christians as people of honor. This does not dissuade the world from persecuting the righteous but God exalts the man and woman that excels in all they do for His glory. The goal of a Christian is to let the world see Christ living in them. Standing before kings and unknown men is not for human recognition. Excelling in life is to excel in the glory of God.

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