Oh, That Men Would Give Thanks To The Lord

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! (Psalm 107:15)

Oh, That Men Would Give Thanks To The Lord

There is no limit to the goodness and mercy of the Lord. With the sun’s rising to the refreshing bounty of the rains that nourish the earth and the abundance of blessings given to all men, God has shown His glory for all humanity to see, know, and honor the Creator. Life is filled with the mercies of the Lord on a daily basis. The breath of life is a gift. Earth is a domain settled in its place among the stars affording the singular place in the universe to support life. The seas abound with life as the skies fill with the creations of the Most High God and across the wide expanse of earth, creation unfolds the glory of God. There is nothing that man lacks. He is provided everything needed for his happiness.

Beyond the created world, man possesses an intellect that allows him to have dominion over all creation. He is the master of the world as he fills the earth to subdue it. Only man is created in the image of the Divine and this places him above all creation to know and appreciate the Creator. God has given to humanity His word. Through the knowledge of wisdom possessed only by man, the eternal nature of God is revealed to all men. Animals die and cease to exist. Man will die but will never cease to exist. He continues in a world of eternity. Only man shares the nature of God. Since the beginning of time, the Lord has revealed to all men what they must do to be pleasing before their Creator. God has never left man alone to his own devices without instructions on how to save himself. The word of God has always been available for every man to know.

Creation declares the glory of God and the revealed word confirms the nature of God. It is responsive for men to give thanks to God for His goodness and to acknowledge the wonderful works God has done for all men. Everything the Lord provides satisfies the soul and fills the hungry soul with goodness. Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord. There is abundant evidence of the hand of God in creation and through the written word the Father has revealed every nature of grace in Jesus Christ. No man can stand before the Lord and suggest he did not know there was a God. No man will present themselves before the holy character of the Father in ignorance. Most men deny there is a Creator and few believe the word of God but both are real and everyone must acknowledge that truth. Denying the universe was created by God does not change the word of God. It only makes a man a sad creature deluded with his own grandiose visions of human wisdom. Oh, that all men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness.

The tragedy of the human heart is the ungrateful spirit. Denying praise to God is foolish. Refusing to see the rising sun as a testimony to the power of God darkens the soul. Rejecting the Bible as the word of God dooms the spirit to eternal darkness. Joy and happiness can only be found when men give thanks to the Lord of His goodness and for His wonderful works that He has done. The soul can only be satisfied by acknowledging God as Creator and abiding by His word as the only guide for the heart. Then ā€“ and only then ā€“ will life be complete, whole, and satisfying. Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord. Let that joy begin today. Praise God.

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