The Fruit Of Our Lips

Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name. (Hebrews 13:15)

The Fruit Of Our Lips

God knows the heart of man, but He desires to hear the voice of man. There is nothing hidden from the mind of the Lord. He knows every thought, every action, every motive, and every intent. The darkness does not hide Him. There is no place a man can go that God is not there. Before a man is born, the eyes of the Lord are upon him. Life comes from the hand of the Creator and is preserved by the hand of the Eternal Judge. With all that God knows about the way of man, He desires to hear the voice of His creation. In the garden of Eden, God and man talked with one another. The Lord spoke to Noah and told him what to do to be saved from the flood. Abram heard the word of the Lord and obeyed. Throughout the centuries, God has spoken in various ways to the world and has in these last days spoken through His Son, Jesus Christ. But God continues to desire to hear the voice of man.

There is nothing the Lord does not know about the heart of man, and in that knowledge is the desire for the creation to praise the Creator. A worthy sacrifice is as old as the earth. Cain and Abel offered sacrifices. Noah built an altar to thank his God for deliverance. The journeys of Abraham can be traced by the smoke of his altars. Throughout the Law of Moses, sacrifice is required. The book of Hebrews declares the covenant of Christ has taken away the earthly measures of grace to find fulfillment in the sacrifice of a true heart through the blood of Jesus Christ. There is no comparison to the law of Christ. The Law of Moses fails, and the attempt by the Gentiles to be a law to themselves is useless. Only in the sacrificial blood of the Son of God is there the promise of hope and redemption. God has provided His Son as the means to redeem man from sin, and the Lord wants to hear from the lips of His people thanksgiving. It is not enough to be saved. The fruit of the lips is the expression of praise to the Father for the eternal grace and mercy to allow the prodigal to return home. This is an action of mouth born from the seeds in the heart.

Giving thanks to the name of the Lord God is something that must continually take place. There were daily sacrifices made under the Law of Moses as the smoke rose to the throne of God. Under the law of Christ, those sacrifices become the daily words of praise to the Father for His kindness to not punish man according to what he deserves but to save rebellious man. This is an act that every child of God does every day because there is something to tell God thank you for every day. Prayer is one means of expressing praise, but there is more to it than that. The fruit of the lips is to talk with God throughout the day, sprinkling words of praise in daily conversation and acknowledging the blessings of the Lord continually. While the world uses God’s name in vain, the child of God uses His name in praise. Hearts that are filled with grace cannot help but speak words of praise to the Lord. The fruit of the lips comes from the tree of life living in the soul of a person who loves, adores, worships, and is daily thankful for the blessings of God in his life. Talk to God. Let Him HEAR your lips of praise. He knows all things, but He wants to hear them from us.

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