Spirit Fruit: Goodness

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. (Galatians 5:22-23)

Spirit Fruit: Goodness

The character of goodness is a trait common in most people. Having a good spirit is a natural result of proper training, instruction, and practicing established manners. Being a good person can come naturally. Young people should be taught to be honest, courteous, and kind to others, making them a good person. There are those in a community that stand out as people of kind acts and pleasant dispositions that everyone would consider to be a good person. These are commendable for anyone to follow after, and the world needs more people filled with goodness.

Paul’s description of the fruit of the Holy Spirit includes the fruit of goodness. Good fruit comes from a good tree, and a good tree comes from good stock. It may not be as natural a process as one might think. The kind of goodness Paul writes about is not the goodness found in the world. Goodness as a fruit of the Holy Spirit is something that is above the good things people do in the world. There is a spiritual connection with this type of goodness. It serves a higher purpose, often at a higher cost. Foremost to the fruit of the spirit is the willingness to abstain from everything evil and seek good things. Jesus reminded His disciples that good men come from hearts filled with good treasures, and evil men are born from hearts filled with evil. The Holy Spirit is where the spiritual goodness comes from to refrain from sin, which is the transgression of the word of God. If a man is not a Christian, he may be a good man, but the counsel of the Divine does not govern him. He is a good man in the general sense. The man who is filled with the fruit of the Holy Spirit will be good regardless of the circumstance.

Goodness from the Spirit is found in the desire of the heart to walk in the ways of God. The psalmist said the Lord orders the steps of a good man as he delights in the way of God. This type of goodness is a higher spiritual manifestation than being a good neighbor. Good people who serve the Lord find favor in the spiritual world as they serve the Lord Jesus Christ. It takes a good heart to pray for an enemy and to bless those who curse them. Without the fruit of the Holy Spirit, this will not be possible. To be a son of the Father, goodness must come from an abiding presence of the Holy Spirit so the fruit of righteousness will shine forth in the life of the Christian.

The fruits of the Spirit come from the Holy Spirit. Barnabas was called a good man, and he was full of the Holy Spirit and faith. Good men and good women led by the counsel of the Lord will show their faith in their goodness. What separates the good man in the world and the good man in the Lord is the Lord. One is motivated by common grounds of decency. The man who is a good man in the Lord is moved by the goodness of God to show forgiveness, mercy, kindness, love, and compassion. God’s goodness sent His only begotten Son to die for the world. The goodness and severity of God are proclaimed loudly throughout scripture.

When a child of God is filled with the fruit of the Spirit, they abide in the Father’s character with goodness. Their spirit is guided by the righteousness of God, showing the world His grace. It is easy to think that goodness is a natural process, but the fruit of the Spirit comes through faith and dependency on the word of God. This type of goodness is the highest form of benevolence and only comes from the Holy Spirit. Being good is great. Showing the fruit of goodness obtained from the Holy Spirit is divine.

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