God Demands Honesty

Dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is His delight. (Proverbs 11:1)

God Demands Honesty

There are many things that scripture calls an abomination to the Lord. Idolatry is at the top of the list with everything attached to it loathsome to the nostrils of God. Incest is unconscionable to the character of the Lord. Adultery was considered an abomination as well as sodomy. The sacrifice of children to Molech and other idols as burnt offerings were abominations to the eyes of the Lord. Sorcery and necromancy were condemned in the Law of Moses as an abomination. Prostitution was considered a vile act. Homosexuality was a detestable sin and repulsive to the Lord. For something to be called an abomination would bring about the wrath of a furious God who viewed these matters with great disgust and anger.

It is easy to look at sinful acts at different levels of consequence. Sexual sin may have a more significant impact than other sins, but one sin is just as damning as another. Lying is one of the most prevalent sins committed by men but not considered as serious as murder. As the Bible speaks of many things that are an abomination to God, one overseen abomination is clearly stated in scripture. Unjust weights and measures are just as much a detestable thing in the eyes of God as incest.

The Proverbs are filled with practical and everyday wisdom based upon the holy law of God. These are not mere suggestions to follow but commands to be entrusted to the hearts of the faithful. There are many contrasts between the righteous and the unrighteous, the proud and the humble and the wise man and the foolish found in the wisdom literature. God gives a severe warning that he views dishonesty with the same wrathful fervency as sodomy, murder, adultery, and homosexuality. The Lord detests dishonesty. A man who would cheat his neighbor is an abomination to God. Honesty is not the best policy – the Lord commands it.

People of God must live at a higher standard of integrity. They are not honest because it serves them some reward in life. The Christian is honest in all his dealings because he is a child of God. Dishonest scales were a specific problem, but the underlying cause was a corrupt heart. If a man weighs out a measure knowing that he is cheating another man, God sees his dishonesty and is repulsed by his action. The cheated man may never know, but the Lord will remember the deceit of the accused man in judgment.

Dishonesty can happen in many ways. Failing to work full hours on a job, skimping on production, lying on an application, not being honest on taxes, selling a car with known defects, knowingly allow a man to receive less than he expects for greedy purposes and a host of common maladies in the world that Christians have allowed to influence their decision making. A just weight is something that pleases the Lord and should be the motive behind every action a Christian takes. Honesty is the character of a man of God. His word is a bond of truth. There is no deceit or misinformation. The eyes and ears of the Lord are seeking hearts that are true and just.

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