In Christ And In Him

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. (Ephesians 1:3)

In Christ And In Him

For those seeking the blessings of God, the fellowship of spirit has always been where the covenant of God is established with the heart of man. Whether in the Garden of Eden, the Law of Moses, or the New Testament church, the Lord always provides a haven of redemption. God is a jealous God demanding the will of men bow to His glory and follow His will. This requires a relationship of obedience. When men seek to find salvation outside the bounds of God’s law, they fail to receive the blessings of the Father. Adam and Eve rebelled against the Lord’s command when they took of the forbidden fruit, breaking fellowship with God. When the nation of Israel refused to keep the Law, they were rejected by God and lost their blessings. Jesus came into the world to bring all men to the Father through one covenant, one church, one redemptive plan, and one Lord. If there are any blessings to be enjoyed with the Father, it can only be in Christ.

The importance of being in Christ is highlighted by the possibility of not being in Christ. It is a fundamental lesson of receiving blessings if one is in Christ, but if a person is not in Christ, there will be no blessings. Paul said that all spiritual blessings are in Christ and in Him. God chose His people to be in Christ before the foundation of the world. Only in Christ will the redemption through His blood be found. The inheritance of eternal life is in Him and no other. The Ephesians had trusted in Christ after hearing the word of truth, the gospel of salvation, and were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise. Every aspect of salvation is found in Christ and in Him.

All spiritual blessings are found in one place and one place alone – in Christ. If a person is not in Christ, they receive no blessings. Many believe in Jesus but are not in Him. It is possible to be religious and follow a pattern of worship and still not be in Christ. To be in Christ means a person has followed the will of God to do what He demands a person to be in Christ. Paul reminded the saints in Rome they were joined with Christ Jesus in baptism, showing how a man enters a covenant with God. Through the grace and mercy of God, salvation is offered to all men, but not all men are willing to come into Christ. One of the most seditious teachings of Satan is to convince men that baptism is not necessary for salvation. Baptism is the avenue that puts a man into Christ, and without baptism, there is no entrance and no blessings.

Sin separates man from God, placing him outside the realm of blessings from the Father. God desires all men to come to repentance, but while He pleads for men to go in, He will not force anyone to come through the door. All spiritual blessings are in Christ. Redemption is in Him. If a man stands outside the door and does not enter into Christ, he receives no blessings, forgiveness, and hope. There is no eternal home for those who are not in Christ. Being religious does not put one in Christ. Living a good life will not place a man in Christ. Following the doctrines of men has never put a man into a covenant with God. To be in Christ demands the heart follow the will of God. A man is saved by the grace of God and the obedience of the heart to be baptized for the remission of sins. Until one is immersed in water, there are no blessings. They are not in Christ.

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