Sin – Only $19.95 – But Wait

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6:23)

Sin – Only $19.95 – But Wait

Advertising is a billion-dollar industry that consumes every facet of social media from television, magazines, billboards, the internet, and radio. Without advertising dollars flooding the market, products would fail, and economies would collapse. The purpose of marketing is to sell a product to a particular group at an appealing cost, using a myriad of schemes to convince the buyer of the necessity of having the object. One of the most critical parts of the selling game is how to price the commodity.

The public is not as quick to accept certain price offers, and marketers know this. There is a mind game that goes on in setting a product for sale. Most consumers will balk at being asked to buy something for $20.00, but if the item is marked five cents less, there is a greater chance of success. $19.95 is five pennies short of $20.00, but a person is more likely to buy the same product at the lesser price believing they are getting a much bigger deal. Also, it has been proven that if a man is asked to give $19.00 for something and he offers a twenty-dollar bill, he will tell the person to keep the change. The small variance in price is of little consequence. Sales for $19.95 are more appealing than sales for $20.00. What will sweeten the attraction is if, after offering the product for $19.95, the announcer says, “But wait, we will double the offer!” Now the consumer is offered twice the amount for the same price. The cash register continues to ring the vesper chimes of advertising dollars at its best. This is the same reason many charitable causes appeal to the audience for just $19.00 a month; they can change a life. The price is too good to pass up.

While Fortune 500 companies have found many innovative ways to market their products to John Doe of Main Street, USA, they pale compared to one of the most insidious marketeers of human history. His brochure is sleek, his presentation flawless, and the price irresistible. His first sale came when he sold the soul of Eve for $19.95 and then said, “But wait, I can have two for the price of one,” and took Adam also. Sin is never sold at a price it is valued. It is always devalued in the eyes of the consumer as something he cannot live without. A little bit of evil sounds better than a lot of evil. Most people will balk at becoming an adulterer, liar, and cheat on the first date but allow a little cheap talk first at a reduced price, and soon the heart is turned entirely to the wiles of the devil. Sin never comes packaged in its original wrapper. Satan will not come prancing down the street in a red suit with smoke coming out of his ears. He knocks on the door in a pair of tight blue jeans with an alluring smile that is almost too resistible. His offer is simple: $19.95. And if enough time is given: “But wait, there is more.”

Paul succinctly defined sin when he explained the full price. There are no bargains or sales when it comes to sin. The price for sin is death. It is eternal. There is no end. It will damn a soul to a fire that is never quenched, a darkness that never leaves, and indescribable horror. Satan’s great marketing ploy is to sell sin short, offer it quick, and take offers in the billions. There is nothing good in his product. Sin will destroy more lives than anything known to man. Death is the penalty of sin, and eternal death is the reality of sin. Satan never markets his product for the truth that it is. If a man knew what was at the end of the broad way of pleasure, sensuality, and wickedness, he would never accept the offer. The appeal of Satan is to sell sin short, and he is remarkably busy with prospects.

Salvation came at a high price. The cost was so high no man could pay it. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son to DIE for all men. There is no cheap alternative. Satan sells souls cheap, but Jesus paid the price of crucifixion and death to redeem man from sin. To find salvation, a man must pay a high price. Jesus called it taking up a cross to follow Him. Most people want the cheap way out and accept the $19.95 ‘Ronco’ deal of the century, hoping they will get two for the price of one. They never do. Only in Christ Jesus will men find the gift of God is eternal life. If you are unwilling to pay full price, you cannot have it. When you take Satan’s offer of $19.95, you will regret it.

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  1. Wonderful post. Yes Jesus paid the highest price to redeem us. This post is an excellent reminder of the cost of our salvation.

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