Teach Me To Walk In Truth

Teach me Your way, O Lord; I will walk in Your truth; unite my heart to fear Your name. (Psalm 86:11)

Teach Me To Walk In Truth

David had a deep longing to be as close to God as he could be. Everything about the life of the sweet psalmist of Israel was how he walked with the Lord. As a shepherd caring for his sheep, David felt the comfort of God’s presence to protect, provide, and lead him in the paths of righteousness. David was a man of prayer. He frequently spoke to his Father with longings to know more of His will, His way, and His work. The knowledge of the Lord was all that David needed to sustain him. He knew knowing the will of God would give him peace in a world of chaos. Facing his guilt of adultery, David remained steadfast in his devotion to God. When his sons turned against him, the embattled king retained his faith in the will of God. His desire to build a house for the Lord was an outgrowth of a yearning to exalt the name of the Lord for all the world to see. While he was forbidden from building the house of God, the heart of David spoke volumes to his love for God.

The life of David was remarkable because he understood the simple principle of personal growth. He knew his life could take the path of least resistance and rely upon self, or he could turn his life over to the will of God and find eternal security. This process of change could only take place when he was taught the way of the Lord. Most men did not desire the truth of God to guide their lives and took no occasion to know the word of God. David prayed to the Lord for the knowledge of the right way. He relied on the wisdom of God to teach him the way of truth. David wanted to mold his life to be an example of righteousness so that others could see God living in him. When Saul was trying to kill him, and on more than one occasion, David could have killed the king, he refused because he was the anointed of God. Even with the sin of Bathsheba, David showed the heart of devotion when he acknowledged his sin and begged forgiveness. He was not a man without sin, but he faced his sin with courage and faith. This type of devotion could only come from knowing the way of the Lord.

Life is a manner of walk determined by the wisdom of carnality, or God’s truth measures it. Knowing how to walk in the narrow path requires teaching. There is a responsibility that when knowledge is given, that duty demands action. Faith comes from hearing the word of God, and then action must come from that teaching to walk in the one way of truth. The purity of the heart does not come naturally. It requires instruction and walking or practicing the word that has been taught. David prayer to the Lord to teach him how to walk. He knew he could not walk in truth without the knowledge of God. He desired to live according to the truth of God. And he did.

David lived nearly three thousand years ago, but the principles of obedience remain the same. People of faith are praying people who desire to know the word of God and then allow their faith to be seen in the action of their example of walking in the truth. David wanted God to teach him. He told the Lord he would walk in truth. David also prayed for the Lord to unite his heart to fear the name of God. Three elements of a Christian’s life are found in teaching, walking, and uniting. The child of God needs teaching. They must learn to walk in truth, and their hearts must be filled with the respect of honoring the name of God with fear. Then a man can praise the Lord God with all their hearts and glorify His name forever.

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