Judged By The Word

He who rejects Me, and does not receive My words, has that which judges him—the word that I have spoken will judge him in the last day. (John 12:48)

Judged By The Word

Judgment must always be measured by an appropriate discipline of law. When judgments are made without cause, the conclusion is biased and corrupted. There can be no legality to unrighteous judgments as the law must bear an honest case against the accused. In the courts of men, cases are thrown out because the judgment was tainted with a corrupted or misguided conclusion based upon lack of evidence or misapplied law. This is not uncommon in the legal systems of men. The reason for the imperfection of human justice is because of the imperfection of the wisdom of men. Appeals are made in the hope that some mistake was made in the series of evidentiary discovery which may overturn a conviction. Sometimes appeals are made after a person has served a long time in prison and is released due to irregularities in the process of the case. The judgment was corrupted.

There is a great day coming when all men will stand before the Creator of the universe and give an account of their lives. This is as certain as death. Denying a judgment does not change the reality of the judgment no more than denying death will stop a man from dying. The resurrection of Jesus Christ affirms the certainty of a day of reckoning. On this day, all men will stand before the peering eyes of the Lord God who will look into every soul and judge according to one standard – the word. Jesus taught His disciples that on the final day of judgment, every man will be judged by the word of God. It will be not based upon popularity or how famous the person was in life. The greatest heroes of men will stand shoulder to shoulder with the poor beggar forgotten by the world. Judgment will not come from the pages of Wall Street or the financial markets of the world. Rich men will stand alongside the poorest people of the world. The great day of the Lord will bring kings, dictators, rulers, and presidents to stand in the multitude of servants, workers, common men and women, and all walks of life. There will be no distinction made.

As the mass of humanity from Adam to the coming of Christ stand before the Lord, every man and woman will be judged by the same measure in the same rule under the same authority. The word of God will be the judgment. Abraham and Lot will be judged by the word as will the person reading this article. You and I will be judged with the same word as will Charlemagne, Shakespeare, George Washington, Adolf Hitler, Albert Einstein, and David Valdes. Catherine Scruggs will be measured by the word of God. The rule of God’s word will determine the eternal destiny of all the Presidents of the United States. It is the same word without deviation. While men have lived in different dispensations of God’s revelation (Abraham, Moses, and the first-century saints), the word will judge them all. Everyone born this year and the year to come will be judged by the word.

What makes the judgment powerful is there will be no mistakes and there will be no appeals. The word of God is perfect. Judging the hearts of men will be accomplished through a perfect law because the Lord is perfect. He is omniscient in the dealings of men. His word perfectly attributes guilt or innocent to all men. Every judgment made will be the right decision and no soul judged will think the judgment unfair. The word of God determines only two decisions to be rendered in judgment. There will either be words of blessing or words of condemnation. All those who are judged by the word and found faithful will know why they are saved. Sadly, every soul that hears the words of doom to everlasting torment will agree the sentence is just and right. There will be no souls in hell who do not believe they deserve the judgment of the Lord. And finally, they will know there will be no appeals. The word of God is perfect and there is nothing to appeal to. Salvation is just and right. Condemnation is just and right. The word of God affirms the doctrine of salvation and condemnation to those who live to help them decide what the word of God says when they die. Judgment is coming. Those who reject Jesus Christ and refuse to receive His words has that which judges them – the word that He has spoken will judge all men in the last day.

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