Coming Out Of The Darkness

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins. (Colossians 1:13-14)

Coming Out Of The Darkness

Nocturnal creatures are animals that are active during the night finding prey through physical traits such as sight, hearing, or smell. Owls are efficient hunters under the cover of darkness with their eyesight. Many animals live in the darkness like bats and the night is a prime hunting time for large cats. God created these animals to adapt to the cloak of darkness and to do so in an efficient way of surviving. The highest of all creatures was not made for the nocturnal world. It must have been an incredibly dark world in the days of Adam and Eve as they were the only people on earth for a time. Until the advent of electricity, the world was a dark place at night with only oil lamps or fires lighting the cities. A new term called “night pollution” is coined to show the impact of the progress of humanity against the backdrop of animals that rely on the darkness for survival.

Adam was not created to live in the dark. Eventually, he understood the principle of fire and was able to cook his food and light his way. God did not make man live in a dark world. The energies of man were focused during the daylight hours and night was a time of rest. Through the centuries man has adapted his needs to dispel the darkness but at the end of the day, man does not rule the night, he only invades it for a short time. There is a special fear of darkness that pervades the soul of man. Without the aid of a light source, it is difficult to navigate through the darkness because the vision of man hinders his ability to see through the darkness. He becomes disoriented, confused, and afraid. Darkness has that overwhelming dread of the unknown. A child lost at night is filled with terror. The morning brings relief because it brings light.

God did not create man to live in the darkness and this is especially true of the spiritual nature of man. It is not hard to convince a man lost in a cave of darkness because he feels the fear and knows the dangers. What is most difficult to do is to convince someone of the spiritual world of darkness that overwhelms them. All men will come under the power of darkness. The only man who never allowed the darkness of sin to overcome Him was Jesus Christ. He was the Light because He was never the darkness and He never allowed the darkness to enter him. That is not the case with humanity. Everybody who has lived and remains on the earth of the age of understanding will suffer the terror of the darkness. A man must see the darkness to know how dreadful a place the darkness is. There is no hope in the darkness. Futility is the only measure of a man lost in the darkness. He stumbles and falls and can never find his way because he was not created to be in the darkness. If he remains in darkness all his life and dies in the darkness he will remain in darkness in eternity. The terror of the eternal darkness is so much greater than any darkness man has ever experienced. But there is good news.

Darkness was not the design of man when God created him. Adam and Eve were created to walk in the light with their Maker. He warned them not to take of the forbidden fruit because the penalty was darkness. From that time forth, men tried to get out of the darkness but could never find the right path. When Jesus came, He came as the Light of the world to bring light to all men. Instead of believing He was the light, men loved the darkness and killed the Son of God. The resurrection of Jesus happened on the first day of the week in the early morning when the light was returning to the earth. Spiritually the resurrection of Jesus brought light to the darkness of humanity. This same light has shown brightly for two thousand years but most people desire to live in darkness. They walk in the darkness saying they can see. How dark is the darkness.

One of the greatest joys of being a Christian is to know that Jesus has brought the soul out of the power of darkness into a kingdom of light. This is the light of love and the sunshine of redemption through his blood. Those who walk in the light have been forgiven of the darkness that infused their lives for so long. The path is clear in the light. There is no fear in the light. Life is a joyful walk in the glory of God. The heart is filled with peace and joy in the light. There are many who walk in the light and the joy of fellowship is the family of those who live in the light. Jesus is the Light and in Him is life because there is light. Coming out of the darkness is the happiest day in the life of a light-walker. Let the light shine in your life so that others can see the light of Christ.

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