Perfect, Proven, And Protective

As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him. (2 Samuel 22:31)

Perfect, Proven And Protective

The Bible is an incredible compilation of sixty-six books spanning 1500 years that has been preserved for the past two thousand years as a message that is perfect, proven, and protective. David did not have the fully contained word of God as revealed today but he had a clear understanding of the limited amount of scripture available in his day. He was not lacking to know the will of the Lord. Much of the present Bible may not have been written in the time of David but the king understood everything he had to know about eternal life. Whether in the patriarchal days of Abraham to the days of the written Law of Moses to the early writings of the New Testament, the word of the Lord has been perfect, His promises true and for all who looked to God for protection, they found it in His word.

David’s song of deliverance is a beautiful poem of eternal gratitude for the infinite blessings of God seen in David’s life. He experienced firsthand the sure promises of God as a young boy fighting for his sheep or standing in the Valley of Elah to defeat the giant Goliath. For many years, King Saul chased David like a flea in the wilderness and the Lord delivered both Saul and David. After the death of Saul, David took the mantle of leadership over the people and sought the divine will of God to be his guide. Through his own life, David could see the perfect will of God working in the divine plan. Providence is best seen from hindsight and for David, he could look back and see the way of the Lord was right. The word of God was present in the heart of the king. Through the knowledge of God’s divine will, David’s life was measured with strength and courage.

History proves whether a word is true or not. David could see in his own life how the will of the Lord had been proven time and again. When the son of Jesse trusted in God and followed His word, blessings would come. David’s life was a testimony to the promise of God. He had confidence in the word of God that when he called upon the Lord, He would answer. When David was in peril, God lifted him up and put him on a broad place for protection. The Lord was the rock of David and his fortress and deliverer. Having confidence in the word of God gives surety to the soul to know whatever the Lord says, it will come to pass. The Lord rewarded David according to his righteousness and clean hands. He kept the way of the Lord by keeping the word of God.

The word of God serves as a shield to all who trust in Him. Looking to the Father for protection is a vital part of the child’s life. Spending time in the word of God is finding the source of strength to bear up under the trials of life, the constant temptations that allure the soul, and the despair often found in the perverse world. David spent much time devoted to an understanding of the word of God and he has so much less than what is found today. How can we do less than David with so much more given by the grace of God? This never limited the faith of David. He thrived on the word of God and trusted its message as his strength, shield, defender, and protector. David loved the word of God. Paul would later remind the early Christians that David as a man after God’s own heart. This character came from spending time in the Book. Get to know the word of God. It is perfect, it is proven and it will be a shield.

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