God’s Purpose

The Lord has made all for Himself, yes, even the wicked for the day of doom. (Proverbs 16:4)

God’s Purpose

It is hard sometimes to see the forest for the trees in the unfolding events of life. The challenge of humanity is to remember that all men live in a cocoon of time limiting their sight to what lay before, what impact the day has, and all that is found in the promise of tomorrow. All the pursuits of life can only be measured by one generation and then another generation comes along. With each passing lifetime, everything changes, and what was done in the past is forgotten. Heroes of today are hailed and honored but then pass to the annals of history as a dust-covered memory or decaying monument. The wisdom of man is limited to his existence. This is not the case with the Lord Creator.

Everything in the world is made for the purpose and design of God. Only He can see the broad canopy of man’s history experiencing every part of the victories and failures of humanity. Nations rise and fall by the will of the Father. Armies come and go but the power of God rules. Natural calamities fill the world with destruction bringing misery. Diseases spread across the face of the planet. Great discoveries are made through the inquisitive eye of brave explorers. Incredible achievements are made in science, medicine, and technology. There is a wealth of things that a man will experience in a lifetime and one thing remains constant. With all the changes and upheavals and victories of the existence of man, the Lord continues to work out everything to its proper end and for His own purpose.

What men forget is the world does not revolve around their existence. The Sun is the center of the Solar System but the system where planet Earth is suspended is not in the center of the universe (not even in the Milky Way). Man’s tragedy is to convince himself the world serves his purpose and his domain. In the beginning, God gave man dominion over the world but what man forgot is his life is held in the hand of his Creator and all things he has comes from the providential care of the Father. The world was created for the purpose of God. Man was created for the purpose of God. Only God is the center of the universe. Everything in life will find its proper end through the working of the Lord. His eternal principles are the foundation of everything. Nothing is lacking.

When the heart of man understands his place and the eternal dominion of God, he will find greater happiness and fulfillment in life. Pride is an insidious parasite that destroys the soul of man because he thinks he is bigger than God. Knowing that everything is for the purpose of God and not man will help the frail worm called humanity to enjoy the blessings of a benevolent caregiver and provider. Selfishness, pride, arrogance, and self-pity are dismissed before the throne of Him who purposes everything to His glory. It becomes easier for men to trust in God when they realize who rules in the affairs of the world. Riches mean little, personal gain is defeated and the haughty pride of human wisdom is replaced with the glorious knowledge that God rules in all things so that His glory will shine.

The greatest reminder of the purpose of God is found in Jesus Christ. It was not the will of man that brought the Son of God to earth. There was no human wisdom in a poor carpenter from Nazareth dying on a cross outside Jerusalem that will tickle the fancy of men. When the church was established no government could imagine the expanse of one kingdom that would dominate the world until the end of time. Everything is for the purpose of God. Jesus died to save all men. Simple. Clear. Demonstrative. Eternal. Jesus Christ is the answer for the sin of mankind and the demonstration of the eternal purpose of God’s glory for His creation. The church rules in the hearts of men as the measure through which men are saved. Death is the final reminder that all things are to the glory of God. No man can stop death but one man defeated death. Men fear death but those who see the purpose of God welcome death. All things are purposed for the will of God. Until the heart surrenders to this word, there can be no joy and no hope. Obedience to the purpose of God brings eternal life.

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