What Does God Look Like?

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And they will see his face, and his name will be written on their foreheads. (Revelation 22:4)

What Does God Look Like?

There are many things about eternal life that are beyond the ability of man to understand. The expanse of eternity – how can that be explained within the realm of human knowledge? Possessing an incorruptible body? Existing without dying is beyond the scope of wrapping the mind around. Everything about eternal life is so far above the imagination of man that it seems incapable of grasping. On top of the list of experiences enjoyed by every saved person is the knowledge that everyone will get to see the face of God. For the first time, the soul of a man will peer into the depths of the visage of the Creator, the Lord God Almighty, the Jealous God who spewed His wrath upon the disobedient and saved the righteous. When the Hebrews camped at Mt. Sinai they saw a glimpse of the awesome power of God. Moses was granted a cursory glimpse of the passing glory of the Lord but was unable to see God face to face. The imagery of God is so powerful that if a man gazed at the face of the Lord they would die instantly. There is no comparison of humanity looking at the face of God outside the eternal realm.

Heaven is a place of wonder. It is filled with the majesty of the eternal God who was, who is, and who will always be. God existed before the worlds were formed. He watched over the human story from the beginning of time in an ageless existence of grace, mercy, love, justice, and wrath. Throughout the lineage of men, those who obeyed God found peace, and those who turned away from the Maker were destroyed. The scriptures talk about the eyes of the Lord, His ears that hear the plaintive cry of His people, and when God spoke the world was created. He smelled the soothing aroma of the sacrifice of Noah and was pleased. Daniel references the Ancient of Days as possessing hair like pure wool. That is all we know about the face of God and until the final day, nothing more will be said.

The joy of eternal life will include the ability to see the face of God. It will no longer be a mystical image of whatever the imagination can see the face of God looks like but the perfect image of the eternal God clearly outlined before all the righteous. All of the limitations of the mortal will be taken away and the immortal will gaze into the face of the eternal Father. There will be praise at the beauty of His face. Peace will fill the heart peering into the kindness of God’s face. All tears will be wiped away at the face of an eternal God who is joy and love because there will be no fear looking at the face of God. His form will be so incredible no one will be able to take their eyes away from Him. All the joys of life will be found in the blessing of seeing God face to face.

I don’t know what God looks like but I will know what He looks like when I stand before His radiance and hear His words of grace and salvation. He will call me by name and give me a crown that I may embrace a cloak of eternity as my garment. His face will be my everlasting joy as His presence will light the eternal city. I shall see His face. Lord come quickly.

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1 Response to What Does God Look Like?

  1. Barbara Barnes says:

    The wonder and awesomeness of God is more than I can comprehend but I trust in His Word and promises in my obedience.


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