Finding The Peace Of God

peace of God experiencing

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6-7)

Finding The Peace Of God

Peace is hard to find in a world fired by the unrest and anger of the ungodly. When men take it upon themselves to live by their own rules ignoring the laws of the land and the laws of God, peace dissolves. The derivative of peace comes from the character of God alone. Peace in the wisdom of man is faulty and always fails. Human wisdom defines peace according to the carnal needs of the individual. Finding peace in God is the only true nature of where the creation meets his Creator submitting to the rule of the one who holds the breath of life in His hand. Paul shows the true nature of peace when the mind is settled upon the character of godliness, truth, holiness, and obedience to the will of the Lord. There are many things to be anxious about in life. Satan constantly throws in the face of his victims the anxieties, worries, doubts, fears, and anger of the world to cloud the minds of a man to subdue his nature to fleshly temptation. Hatred comes from the absence of peace. Prejudice is fueled by the lack of the peace of God in the heart. When the heart is filled with the chaos of sin, life becomes an experience of turmoil, rebellion, and hopelessness.

The peace of God can only be found in the submissive heart that seeks the will of the Lord through prayer and supplication. Worry does not come from the word of God. Prayer is pleading the promises of God when the heart understands the peace of God through His will. Telling God the needs of life and thanking Him for all He has done turns the heart of anger away from a neighbor and submits to the gentle hand of the Lord. Experiencing the peace of God will exceed anything that a man can understand and will give him a clear mind to seek the welfare of others. God created man to be in harmony with one another. Rebellion flies in the face of what the Lord created man to be. Having respect for a neighbor and honoring one another is the foundational truth in which the law of God is built. When the Lord gave the law to the Hebrews He demanded they honor Him first but the final parts of the commandments were given to show honor to the neighbor. Peace comes from God. His way is the path of true wisdom to find harmony and unity. Discontent, malice, revolt, and uprising do not come from the peace of God.

Peace begins with submission to the will of the Lord. As Creator, God formed man with a purpose and a design. Wars and unrest are the results of human wisdom gone awry. Man has never been able to find peace when he does not submit to God. Prayer is an expression best served on knees bowed rather than an angry hand with a brick. The heart and mind guided by the hatred of the world will bring about upheaval, turmoil, and mayhem. Prayer brings the peace of God. Finding the peace of God begins with God and ends with God. Without God, there can be no peace. No God no peace. Know God know peace.

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