Three Feet Equals One Yard – Always


Pilate therefore said to Him, “Are You a king then?” Jesus answered, “You say rightly that I am a king. For this cause, I was born, and for this, cause I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.” Pilate said to Him, “What is truth?” (John 18:37-38a)

Three Feet Equals One Yard – Always

Religious division is evident in the world by the many different kinds of churches that dot the landscape. Many in denominations profess an imagined unity among all believers of Christ yet stand in stark contrast by the names, doctrine, worship, and faith. There is no single rule of law with the different churches. Each group follows its identifying marks historically traced to less than five hundred years. The term Protestant comes from the protest against the Roman Catholic Church for its teachings of salvation by works beginning the Reformation era spawning the illegitimate offspring of apostasy. Why is there so much religious division and why are the believers in Christ not united? The answer comes from the yardstick.

A yardstick is comprised of measurement of three feet typically divided into inches. It is used for measurements to have a common rule of law applicable at any time and any place. If a man uses a yardstick in Nome, Alaska to measure a length of a board, he could use the same yardstick to measure the length of the board in Two Egg, Florida and the board will be the same. Using the same yardstick, a length of a board could be measured in Masaya, Nicaragua which would equal the same length of the board in Metula, Israel. No matter where the yardstick is taken, the length of the board will remain the same length of three feet because the same unit of measure is used.

Time does not change the length of a yardstick. In October of 1956, a yardstick measured three feet. Today the yardstick remains the length of three feet. A lot has changed since October 1956. Technology has transformed the world into a global living room of information, politics changed with new leaders and laws, morality has transformed into a self-serving hedonistic mantra of gratification, and religion has created more variations of belief but the standard yardstick remains the same. Time cannot change the yardstick from its length of three feet. What was three feet or a yard in 1956 remains the same today as three feet or a yard. The influences of culture cannot redraw the length of a yard.

A man can refuse to accept a yardstick as three feet but he only makes himself foolish in the eyes of the world. He can create a group of followers who profess a belief in the yard system but if he denies the authority of the yardstick as three feet, he denies the authority of measurement. What he will build will not be able to endure because he is using a faulty system of measuring. No matter how sincere a man can be to believe a yardstick is only two feet long, it does not change the fact the yardstick is three feet long. His grandparents, parents, brothers, and sisters could have held long believed traditions that a yardstick was two feet long but he holds to a wrong family belief. Great learned men can write volumes about how to interpret a yardstick to be two feet long but at the end of the day, the yardstick remains three feet long.

There is a yardstick that is more than three feet long. It is the spiritual yardstick of divine authority that is as long as eternity. The Bible is the yardstick of the Almighty God. This book was measured by the eternal will of the Creator as truth and there is one truth. Jesus came to bring truth to the world because He is the Word. Everything about Jesus bears witness to the truth and everything in the Bible is about Jesus. Obedience is when a man hears the voice of the will of God and accepts it as truth. There is no other truth. Pilate asked the eternal question of what is truth but the truth was standing before him. Killing Jesus did not change the truth. Denying Jesus did not change the truth. Everything that was truth is embodied in Jesus Christ.

The religious world is divided with many churches wearing different names following different creeds practicing a variety of beliefs. Why is there so much religious division and why are believers in Christ not all united? The answer is simple: they are not using the standard of measurement given by God. In our world of the yardstick, the churches of today believe a yardstick is a matter of interpretation and left up to the individual. They believe that all believers in Christ are united regardless of how long a yardstick is. Some teach a yardstick is three feet ten inches while some believe a yardstick is two feet one inch long. The reason there are differences in faith comes from the different measuring tools used to build their church. None of those came from God.

Religious division will never end while men use their own measuring stick. The only authority is the one measuring rod of God’s will that will measure all men in the final day of Judgment when the Lord surprising the religious world by showing them one rule of law. It will not be their yardstick created for their own desires. God has one yardstick and it is exactly as long as He says it is. What is truth? There is one truth.

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