The Lord God Never Fails

Zeph 35 He never fails

The Lord is righteous in her midst, He will do no unrighteousness. Every morning He brings His justice to light; He never fails, but the unjust knows no shame. (Zephaniah 3:5)

The Lord God Never Fails

There is no comparison between man and God and the divide becomes more apparent when the character of God is considered. While the Bible is filled with the attributes of the Divine, the prophet Zephaniah declares four essential qualities of the Lord God that define His dealing with those who would disobey Him. The judgment of God is not like the judgment of men. Everything He does is righteous or based on the purity of truth. It is impossible for the Lord to do anything unrighteous or that any act of God is without cause and purpose. Every day shows the fidelity of God’s word that is measured by absolute righteousness because the Lord never fails. Zephaniah’s final point is the entirety of how different man is from his Creator. Man fails often and history is filled with the valley of bones where man has failed time and time again. It is impossible for a man not to fail. The free will choice given to him in the garden takes him to fall prey to the wiles of the devil and while the spirit is willing the flesh is weak. It is without measure how often man fails. God can do no unrighteousness and He can never fail. When the scripture says the Lord can never fail it means that in the history of man; for however many thousands of years men have walked the face of the earth; the Creator has never failed in anything He set His mind to do and accomplish. Foremost because He does not do right things but rather He is the meaning of everything true and righteous. Secondly, when men try to thwart the plan of God the Lord weaves the misguiding’s of men into a greater plan according to His will. All things work together for the good of the righteousness of God without fail because the Lord God never fails.

The creation of the world was in perfect harmony with the will of God. He created the earth, sun, moon, and stars in a perfect symmetry of universal perfection which has remained constant since the day it was created. Consider the knowledge the moon that men gaze upon tonight is the exact same moon first beheld by Adam and Eve. The moon is on average 238,855 miles from earth and has remained in the same orbit since God formed it on the fourth day of creation. It has never failed to rotate around the earth. The sun has never failed to illuminate the surface of the world and the distance of the sun is imperative to the survival of humanity. With an average distance of 92,955,807 miles, the sun keeps a constant distance from the earth so not to burn it up (being too close) or too far (putting the earth in deep freeze) because God never fails in what He creates. The human body is an amazing testimony to the word of the Lord. Adam and Eve are the only two humans created apart from the natural process of birth. Cain was the first child in the womb of Eve and he came out in perfect order as God designed. Many eons removed from that first birth, humanity populates in the same perfection of the conception between a man and woman that brings forth life by the will of God. The heart beats without stopping for many, many years and then as the divine pattern determines, death comes to all men. This is not failure but design. The body functions in every way until the day of death. God’s pattern does not fail and the world is a testimony to the perfection of the will of the Lord. If a man can see the unfailing power of God in the world, why can he not see the unfailing power of the word of God? Everything God has said has come true and nothing of the will of the Lord has failed.

In the Garden of Eden, the Creator promised salvation to fallen man and He kept His word when He so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son. When the world became dark with sin the Lord told Noah what to do to be saved and brought judgment upon those who did not believe in Him. His word was true as Noah obeyed from the heart and those who rejected the preaching of Noah perished in the flood. Nothing God did or said failed. Zephaniah was reminding rebellious Judah their history dictated the firm conviction of God’s word as unfailing and true. He never failed them but they rejected Him often. His grace offered redemption if they repented and He was true to His word. Israel failed to accept His mercy and perished because of it but the fault lay in the heart of the people, not the word of the Lord. This lesson must be learned today that nothing God has said has failed. There is a good side to this message and a bad side. Everything the Lord has promised in salvation is true if men would repent and obey His word. The wrath of God is true and He will not fail to bring to bear His fury upon those who do not repent and obey Him. Regardless, the Lord never fails. Do not fail the One who will not fail you. God is not willing that any should perish but longs for those who are in sin to come to Him and seek mercy. As a God who never fails He has promised to wash away sins in the waters of baptism to raise up His new child in a covenant with the One who never fails.

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