A God Of Promise

promise God

And this is the promise that He has promised us—eternal life. (1 John 2:25)

A God Of Promise

The most important characteristics of a man is whether he is a person who honors his word and keeps his promise. This becomes a difficult matter in the nature of the carnal mind when some men will make promises they are unable to keep or promise something they have no intention of fulfilling. Circumstances may change and a promise may fail through unintended events. There are myriads of reasons why a man in his best form may have difficulty keeping a promise or at least fulfilling the fullness of what has been promised. The frailty of man is his limitation of knowledge, honor and time. He can promise something without realizing the full impact of his decision. There can be times when a promise is made but has to be changed because of a weak heart or decision not to honor what had been agreed. Promises can fail because of too much time or not enough time. Regardless, the ability of man to keep his promise is a frail attempt often hindered by sin. This has never been the case with the Lord God. All the limitations of man are removed when measured by the word of God. There are no promises that God cannot keep and whether good or bad all the promises of the Lord will come about. God is not limited in knowledge and is able to bring about what He has promised through divine insight. The character of God is established by the historical proof that when He promised something it came to pass. He is not limited by time. Abraham was promised a seed and twenty-five years later the Lord brought His promise to fulfillment. A nation and land were also promised Abraham and while he never lived to see the promise come to pass it was manifested in the nation of Israel and conquering of Canaan many centuries later. God kept His promise. The greatest promise that was channeled throughout the generations of men was the coming of the Seed as told to Adam and Eve and fulfilled in the coming of the Christ. God kept His promise.

Reading the Bible is the testimony to how often the word of the Lord established a promise and in every case was fulfilled as directed by God. Noah was told the world would be destroyed by a great flood and he would find salvation in the ark along with his family. What God said would happen come to pass as the flood destroyed every living being and Noah and his family was saved in the ark. While the division of the earth into languages was not a promise, what the Lord performed at the tower of Babel is still true today. Abraham and Sarah doubted the promise of a son but God fulfilled His promise when Isaac was born. Often through the history of God’s people, it seems to man the Lord has forgotten what He promised. Joshua would say that all the things promised by the Lord had come to pass. The prophets told the people of Israel if they did not repent God would punish them. They refused and the word of the Lord came to pass. He kept His promise time and time again. Jesus told His disciples He was going to Jerusalem to die and be raised on the third day and it happened exactly as He said it would. The promise of the Holy Spirit was given to the eleven apostles and on the Day of Pentecost, the promised Helper came – just as the Lord had promised. Reading the Bible from Genesis 1:1 to the final verse of Revelation 22:21 the promises of God was fulfilled exactly as prescribed by the will of the Lord. The Bible is a testimony to the word of God as being true in every way.

The apostle John writes that God has promised eternal life. Through a study of scripture, one thing becomes abundantly clear: God’s word is sure and steadfast. What He has promised He will grant. A man can make a bold promise that he tries with a valiant effort to accomplish and yet still fall short. This is not the case with the Lord God who has told all men that if they will do His will and obey His word He will give them life eternal. There are no reservations about that promise that would fail, fall short of or be refused. God will keep his promise. If a man is lost it is not because the promise of God has failed but the heart of man rejects the grace of God. The promise of eternal life is given to all men but most have no interest in the word of God. There are those who will name the name of Christ with the promise in mind but fail to keep His word losing the hope of the promise. For those who believe in the promise of God and live every day with the promise of God on their lips, they have nothing to fear that God will not bring that promise about. And this is the promise that He has promised us—eternal life. Do not doubt the promise of God. His word is true and His promise is everlasting. Embrace the only promise that is truth in its purest form because God cannot lie and He has promised eternal life.

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