Generational Faith


Children’s children are the crown of old men, and the glory of children is their father. (Proverbs 17:6)

Generational Faith

There is a deeper joy in the world because of the presence of children. In the infinite wisdom of God to create the family element, children bring a sense of purity, innocence, and youthfulness that can only be found in their smiles, laughter and an incredible sense of discovery. A man touches the hem of creation when through the divine will of procreation a life is brought into the world. No one has a choice in their birth and by the grace of God life begins, forms and creates a small human being that will grow and experience all the facets of life and then grow old and die. Life is a circle that begins in the womb and ends in the tomb. There is a reality that life is short and all men will die. The birth of a child is a daily reminder of the joy of life and the happiness of a baby’s smile reflects the nature of the love of God. Every generation since Adam experienced the process of birth and filling the home with children. The wise man in holy scrip lauds the presence of children as a blessing for the father and grandchildren as a crown of old men. This shows the relationship the children have with the family and how the family is blessed by the children. A child can bring glory to the father by exhibiting the traits of fidelity and a noble character. This will come from the training a child receives from his parents. Every child reflects the teachings of their parents in the manner of their speech, conduct, attitude, and character. Teaching the next generation to be of noble spirit is a blessing received a hundredfold when reflected by the children. This takes time, effort and a diligent desire on the part of the parent to instill in the heart of the child these characteristics.

Children not only reflect the image of the parent but also the personification of the grandparents. The work of teaching children is not left to the parents alone. Throughout scripture, the Holy Spirit directs grandparents to take an active role in helping the parents teach their children the proper values. Timothy was greatly influenced by his grandmother Lois as the apostle Paul commended the faith instilled in him by his mother Eunice. One of the principles of sound doctrine Paul instructed Titus was for the older women to teach the younger women and older men to teach the younger men. Grandchildren are the crown of old men when they show the character of the teaching of their parents and united the parental influences of both generations guide the hearts of the young. Many children can reflect upon the influence their grandfather or grandmother had in their lives. Teaching children will never end. It is an inherent duty of parents to guide the hearts of their children and it is also the responsibility of the grandparents to be an example to their grandchildren as they help the parent’s guide and instruct the tender spirits of the children. The glory of a father is when his children are whole and complete as people of character, truth, and trustworthiness. This will also reflect itself from the perspective of the grandfather whose crown is the joy of his grandchildren as they show the proper character in life.

The glory of a child and the manner of their life being a crown of old men is not achieved with the accolades of men. When the wise man penned these immortal words he was not suggesting parents and grandparents teach their children to be successful as leaders of industry, popular athletes, beauty queens and proud men and women of the world. The lasting glory of a child will only come from their relationship with the Lord God. A man can look at his children and find doctors, lawyers, industrial giants and popular leaders of the day but sadly none of this will last. So often parents spend so much time making their children successful as citizens of this world they fail to teach their children of the rewards in the next life or rather the dangers of what comes after life. Finding success and approval without God is an exercise in futility. There are great blessings in finding success in this life but if it is not tempered by an overshadowing presence of Jesus Christ and Him crucified – the child has nothing to glory about. Foremost in the teaching of children is to embed in their hearts a love of God. The glory of a child to their father or the crown of an old man concerning his grandchildren is only measured by the knowledge they are children of God. Without this, there is nothing to glory. Generational faith comes when parents and grandparents see their children obey the gospel of Jesus Christ and live faithful and holy lives. This will not only prepare them for the life ahead of them but the life that awaits them in eternity. Teaching children to give their whole lives to the pursuits of this world will only prepare them for an eternal failure and the sad reality their souls are lost. Joy comes from children who are saved, not successful. A father will only find glory when his child is a faithful Christian and a grandfather will only wear a crown of glory when he helps his grandchildren see God.

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