The Value Of A Quiet Home

Proverbs 17 (KJV) 17

Better is a dry morsel with quietness than a house full of feasting with strife. (Proverbs 17:1)

The Value Of A Quiet Home

Finding peace in the home is the natural desire of all men. There is nothing more pleasing and longed for than to live in a place where there are contentment and security. When a baby is born an immediate need for safety is paramount as they cling to the mother desiring the happiness that comes from parental bonding. They will find their identity in the character of the home whether it is a place of chaos or a dwelling place of serenity and joy. The parents are the ones who decide how the blessings of a joyful home will be found. How the home is established will determine the outcome of the child’s happiness and the key is building the home on the foundation that will be lasting and true. Too often parents believe that happiness will come from the bounty of possessions rather than possessing the abundance of goodness. There is something to be said of homes that are filled with the riches of the world that spend their days filling the desires of the world into every part of life. James Cope used to say, “A dollar will not buy a baby’s smile.” Parents mistakenly believe if they give their children all the pleasures of life and the riches of the world they will be happy. The home is filled with the feasting of wealth and prosperity and oftentimes lacking joy because the hope is that contentment will come with the increase of stuff. Long ago the wise man declared that a house with little can have greater joy than a house with plenty that is filled with strife.

There is nothing wrong with riches but it is what the abundance of wealth will do to the family that brings the misery. The nature of riches can be that it turns the heart into a selfish desire for the exaltation of self. Pride is the second cousin to riches and it has an insidious manner of destroying the heart with the self-centered, pompous conceit that because one wears expensive clothes living in wealthy homes with expensive cars filling the garages that a person is of greater worth than others. There is fighting within the family because of arrogant pride. What happens is the home filled with all the blessing of life becomes a house of feasting that knows nothing but strife. Down the street and around the corner lives a family that is content with the dry morsels of life that enjoy the love and companionship of one another. Their lives are not fueled with the mad dash to keep up with the latest gadgetry or fashion or style. They share in their love for one another in a simple and humble abode of peace. There is great wisdom in seeing what the wise man says about what is important in life and what is not important in life. If only parents could learn the real worth of love is found in their hearts and not in their wallets. Children will be happier when they live in a home filled with the love of God instead of a love of things.

The central truth in the message of the wise man is to know that happiness comes when God is the center of the home. A home that is filled with feasting will be a place where the trappings of the world are central rather than a place where the dry morsel is common but God is exalted. The greatest mistake parents make with their children is to give them everything good thing in life but the most important part is left out. Filling the lives of children with the accumulation of worldly stuff will create a child that is worldly-minded. Teaching them to use the blessings of life to help others will create in them a love for the most important part of their life – a love for God. Every home is either a place of feasting or quietness. The feasting will only last for a while and create hearts that are selfish. A quiet home with a dry morsel is a place where children learn to serve God and know of His will. They will learn the lesson of servitude and sharing with others. Which home do you have? God grant me to be content with the dry morsels of life so that I can see you more clearly and serve others to your glory.

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