Does God Get Hungry?

animal sacrifices

For every beast of the forest is Mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. I know all the birds of the mountains, and the wild beasts of the field are Mine. If I were hungry, I would not tell you; for the world is Mine and all its fullness. Will I eat the flesh of bulls, or drink the blood of goats? (Psalm 50:10-13)

Does God Get Hungry?

The problem with man and worship is that man thinks the more he can impress God the more God will be impressed. Nothing is further from the truth. Since creation, the Creator has demanded the creation offer adoration and praise to Him through the means of sacrifice, offerings, and oblations. Cain and Abel were the first mentioned as giving various forms of sacrifice to God. Abram was known for the altars he built to the Lord God. Israel was given a law prescribing certain rites and ceremonies that required the giving of sacrifices. What Israel failed to appreciate is that while the ceremonial laws contained in the Law of Moses required specific offerings at certain times they failed to appreciate the design of their sacrifices was to turn their hearts to serve the Lord God in accordance with His righteousness. In time they presented to the Lord their sacrifices, burnt offerings and offerings of bulls and goats but without a willing mind and devoted heart. Formal religion had become the norm in Israel as the people went through the motions according to the Law but had no recognition of truth, mercy, and justice. The psalmist Asaph declares the righteous indignation of the Lord against the folly of insincere worship where men go through the rites of sacrifice but have no love for God. It is ridiculous to think the blood of bulls and goats offered through indifferent hearts would impress the Lord when He owns all the beasts of the field as His own. God created the beasts and He knows how many there are on the earth. They belong to him – every animal in the world is a possession of the One who created them. Why would man seek to impress the Owner of the beasts with sacrifices from His own flock? God places before man a great parody when He suggests that if He were hungry, He would have no need to tell a man or to ask the man a favor. How impudent the spirit of man to believe he can impress God with what belongs to Him in the first place.

Worship is a relationship of the heart. Animal sacrifices were prescribed in the Law of Moses not to impress the Lord with the number of animals killed in offering their blood. The Lord did not need the burnt flesh of a bull or goat to satisfy His hunger for meat. If the Creator could be hungry He would not need a man to bring him food. He provides food to every beast of the field, bird of the air and fish of the sea. All of the animals belong to God. Sacrifice is nothing more than man returning to God what was His in the beginning. The exercise of worship is to create in the heart of man love and devotion to obey the word of the Lord, trust in the word of the Lord and to devote his total being to the honor and glory of the One is greater, mightier and more loving than anything man can imagine. Man worships God because he is made in the image of God. Only through the grace of the Lord will man be permitted to approach the throne room of the Almighty to seek petition and honor Him with songs of praise. There is nothing man can boast of when he comes to worship the Lord. Like the animals, man is a created being who must serve his Creator. It is a funny thing when man exalts himself in pride against the Lord God who made him. Even the angels smile at the futility of prideful man. If God were hungry, He has an abundant place to find food because He possesses all the earth.

The Law of Moses has long been taken away but the precepts of worship remain. It is easy for men to fall into the belief that more external personification of himself before God will impress the Lord with his worth. Formalist who try to worship the Lord with the outward show of pomp and circumstance are making themselves to be fooled before the One who owns everything in the world and the heavens above. What can man do to impress the Father who has a name for every star in the heavens? True worship is not the recitation of prayers, length of sermons or volume of singing in proper tune with the great formality of religious fervor. Jesus will declare to the woman at the well of Jacob that God is spirit and He must be worshipped in spirit and truth. Like Asaph declared in the holy writ of ancient poetry, if God were hungry He would not tell man for the world is His and all its fullness because God does not need a man to be the Almighty. The man was created by the One who existed before the world was created. When a man offers praise to the Lord and gives glory to Him and orders his life in accordance with the will of the Lord, he will receive the salvation of God. Then he has come to know how to worship the great I AM.

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