A Covenant With The Almighty


When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, “I am Almighty God; walk before Me and be blameless. And I will make My covenant between Me and you, and will multiply you exceedingly.” (Genesis 17:1-2)

A Covenant With The Almighty

Few men would experience the blessings of this world more than Abram, son of Terah. At the age of seventy-five, the Lord called Abram to leave his homeland and journey to a place shown to the patriarch through the love and grace of God. The promise to Abram was threefold: his descendants would become a great nation and inherit a land not their own and all this would be possible through the seed of Abram. Through faith, Abram believed the promises of God and at the age of one-hundred saw the birth of the son of promise by his wife Sarai. Their names were changed to confirm the covenant repeated by God and would be known as Abraham and Sarah. The hope of God was a deep part of the life of Abraham and Sarah as the Lord carried out His promises through the covenant He made with them. His grace would guide them and protect them and deliver the son of promise. Only through the power of God would this be possible because the Lord had a covenant with Abraham and Sarah and the Lord kept His promises. It was inherent upon Abraham to walk before the Lord with faith and to live blameless before the Lord in love. When they fulfilled the will of God the blessing of a son would fill their lives. God never breaks a covenant He has made. Abraham and Sarah saw the birth of a healthy baby boy though their bodies were dead concerning procreation. Isaac was a son of promise through the covenant of God. Through the faith of Abraham, the covenant made by God came to pass because the Lord is the Almighty and He keeps His word.

God had a covenant with Adam and Eve, the world of Noah and the nation of Israel. As the Almighty God He had promised all men that if they would walk before Him in truth and serve Him blamelessly, He would shower upon them all the heavenly blessings of His grace and love. Every time the covenant was broken it was because of men refusing to follow the will of the Lord. Adam and Eve were given everything in a paradise of Eden and yet they broke the covenant of the first world by taking of the forbidden fruit. The world of Noah was destroyed because the intent and heart of man was only evil. Noah and his family were saved because they kept the covenant and promises of God. Through the grace of God eight souls were saved in the ark when the Lord kept His promises made through the covenant He had with all men to save them if they walked before Him and were blameless. The nation of Israel was given a law through Moses that spelled out all the laws of God for the people to follow and yet they struggled from the start to obey the Lord. A covenant was established between God and the nation of Israel and the Lord never failed to fulfill His promises. Israel on the other hand repeatedly denied the grace of God and eventually was destroyed through their rejection of the covenant. Only a remnant would be saved from Israel. They kept the covenant of the Lord walking before Him in truth and living blamelessly.

Jesus Christ died on a Roman cross through the hatred of His own countrymen the Jews. By the power of God, He arose from the dead on the first day of the week and established an everlasting covenant with all men. This covenant is the greatest example of grace, mercy, and love. It is offered to all men to come and abide in the hope of eternal life through the blood of Jesus. The sacrifice of Christ is the power of God Almighty to give all men the covenant of grace that will give them the hope of heaven. Like all covenants before, man must walk before the Lord in truth and serve Him blamelessly. A covenant is initiated by one party with stipulations for the second party to adhere to the words of the agreement. There is only one Lawgiver, Judge, and King and He has the right and authority to establish the principles of the covenant. When men fail to walk before Him and to walk in truth, the covenant is rejected by God because of His grace. The grace of God saves those who are willing to follow His will but the grace of God will also punish those who disobey His word. Abram knew the power of God rested in the words of the covenant and he trusted in the Lord Almighty to fulfill His word. Salvation will only come to those who follow the covenant of God and walk before Him and serve Him in a blameless manner.

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