The Books Of God

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Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away. And there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God, and books were opened. And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to their works, by the things which were written in the books. (Revelation 20:11-12)

The Books Of God

There is coming a day when all humanity will stand before the Lord God Creator and impressed upon the minds of every soul gathered will be one single thought: is my name in the book held by the One who sits upon the great white throne. It will not matter if marble bears the name of the person or history has recorded the heroic deeds of a life spent in the carnal world. The accolades of men will vanish when death whispers a final dirge.  The achievements of life will crumble in the dust of a wasted life when unprepared to meet the One who sits upon the great white throne. All eyes will gaze upon the books gathered before the Lord. The books will be the desire. Hearts will beat in anticipation of the opening of the books. Then the book all souls desire will be opened and everyone will recognize it as the book of Life. This scroll is impressed with the untold names of those who had a covenant relationship with God. For most their names were never inscribed and their names never found in the book of Life. They lived their lives in the fulfillment of their carnal pursuits denying the reality of a record being kept. It was far from the minds to believe decisions in life would reap a whirlwind of consequence in death. Now they stand before the Creator and do not hear their name written in the book of life. The smell of the lake of fire rises to their nostrils and they hear their names enrolled in the place of torment. No name is inscribed in the book of life and they are lost eternally. One book. One name. One fate. One God who loved them so much to given His only Son to die for them and offer them the grace of eternal salvation and their names are not found in the one book. The darkness of eternity envelops their fears as they are cast from the presence of the Almighty into an eternal pit of torment.

There are many names assigned to the book of life. A close examination of the book held by the one on the throne realizes there are names on pages that are blotted out by sin. At one time their names were clearly marked on the pages of grace but now cannot be found. Their hearts were filled with the love of God and they saw the power of the Lord believing in His love for them. Temptation drew them away and turned their hearts to the pleasures of sin. They saw the wrath of God in the flood of Noah’s day and turned away from calling upon the Lord. Many who came out of Egypt as the people of God who saw the power of the Lord against Pharaoh and his army died in the wilderness because they longed for the pleasures of carnal man. The nation of Israel fell into idolatry and untold numbers of God’s people wiped their names from the book of life seeking the pleasures of this world. Saints of the Lord who obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ turned back to the filth of the world and lost their names in the book of life. The greatest tragedy for many will be to see their names in the book of life blotted out by the wrath of God. Their names were once inscribed but no longer. There is no hope and no promise because they were not faithful until death. Lost on the pages of God’s books their names are blotted by sin and rebellion. They will share in the lake of fire as the Lord sends His rebellious children to eternal punishment. The greatest cries in torment will come from the voices of those names blotted out who once tasted the heavenly gift.

As the roll of names is called from the Divine, the book will reveal names impressed upon the pages of eternal love with the blood of Jesus. Names that served the Lord from Adam until the final day. The myriads of souls will eagerly surge forward to hear their names called as faithful and holy. To their eternal joy their names are found in the book of life and the glory of God’s light will shine in their hearts as they see Him face to face bearing His name upon their foreheads. Joy will fill the hearts as songs of praise echo from the souls of the saved whose names are found in the book of Life. Yearning for the eternal grace of God’s love, hearing the name read from the book of life brings eternal happiness to dwell in the presence of the Lord throughout the eternal ages. One book. One name. One Savior. One God. One hope. Nothing will give greater joy than hearing the name inscribed upon the pages of the book of life as faithful, true and everlasting.

The book of Life is the message of God’s wrath and His love. There are many names that will not be found and there are many names that once were written but now are blotted out. Only the names that remain will find joy in eternity. The lesson is clear: if your name is not in the book of Life you have no hope. Sitting on a church pew will not keep your name in the book. Doing the will of the Lord is how your name in placed in the book of Life and keeping the commandments of God, living through His grace, loving His mercy and embracing His word in your heart will help you see your name in that great and wonderful book called the book of Life. God has many books to open. Where will your name be?

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