Faith In The Unseen

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By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible. (Hebrews 11:3)

Faith In The Unseen

Building a house is a long and tedious task involving many hours of planning, purchasing and putting in place all of the parts necessary for the completion of the structure. An idea is conceived to the layout and function of the house. Plans are drawn up in meticulous details outlining each particular particle of the building. Supplies are purchased and brought to the construction site and work begins. It is labor intensive as days, weeks and months go by with many different individuals working on their specialties in putting the structure together. Ground preparations are done with crews working the soil establishing a foundation and running lines and pipes. Masons and carpenters toil endless hours raising the structure from the ground. Specialist in plumbing, electrical, lighting, walls, flooring and decorators pour over the house to bring it to finality. The day arrives and the house is finished; pristine and new and ready for occupancy. It is an exhaustive and time consuming effort. The house was created by things that existed through extensive hours of labor by large groups of people working together over a long period of time to complete a design that had many imperfections that needed to be adjusted and corrected.

When God created the world He spoke it into existence by things that did not exist. What is seen in the structure created by the power of God came from what is unseen. It did not take months or years to build. The Lord took six days to create the world as each day was a perfection of His power exhibited to showcase His glory. He spoke and what was unseen was seen. Light came first and then the firmament divided the waters followed by the earth bringing forth grass, herbs and fruit trees. The heavenly hosts were made by the thunderous voice of God speaking and the sun appeared with the moon and billions of stars. Filling the oceans and skies animals pursed among the heavens and earth and then the land animals appeared by the command of God. Finally the greatest of creation was formed out of dust and the woman from a rib. All of creation heralds the glorious power of God demanding the creation to believe in the power of the Creator to form what is seen from what is not seen. The invisible is a mystery to man because it cannot be seen. Many deny the power of God created something from what is unseen but the creation itself testifies of what is unseen. Wind is invisible and the air manifest itself through the elements of what can be seen. Sound cannot be seen but through instruments that measure is character images can be produced. The life force is unseen yet it exists. All the glory of God’s creation was made from that which is unseen.

Faith is where man comes to terms with God. The Creator could manifest Himself in any manner He chooses and has the power to allow man to see the divine in clear definition. God has demanded man see Him through the eye of faith believing in what is seen was created by what is unseen. Faith is the evidence of things not seen and the litmus test of the character of man. From the beginning the Lord has expected man to trust in the word of God and to rely upon the will of the Lord to guide him. Man was not created as a robot to mindlessly follow the commands of God. He is not a being that is programmed in a certain fashion to act in a manner that does not hold him accountable. Faith is the basis of man’s creation to look to his Creator and believe what he cannot see, trust in what he cannot understand and hope for everything he could not imagine. Man cries out to God to give him a sign and proof of existence and the Lord throws the universe up and says, “Behold.”  Faith believes in the creation of the world (things seen) by those things that are unknown (things unseen). God is the Creator and man is the creation placing man on a lower plane that he likes to think of himself. The reason faith is such a struggle for men is because it will not allow him to be his own god. If a man believes in the God of creation then he must humble himself to believe in something greater than himself. Faith removes pride. Seeing what is made and believing that it came into being by a word spoken in an instant out of things unseen is the essence of faith. What is greater faith is trying to see what the unseen shores of eternity will be like when we gaze upon the face of God.

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