Sin Never Delivers On Its Promises

sin never delivers

Treasures of wickedness profit nothing, but righteousness delivers from death. The Lord will not allow the righteous soul to famish, but He casts away the desire of the wicked. (Proverbs 10:2-3)

Sin Never Delivers On Its Promises

The great irony that plagues the soul of man is the inability to recognize the fruits of sin are empty and all the promises desired through wickedness never last – never. Temptation is the desire to have something at the moment. A fleeting carnal desire filled with lust to be satisfied with a reckless action of incredible folly is the nature of sin. It has never changed nor can it change its DNA because it comes from the father of lies and the great Adversary. The Bible clearly defines the nature of sin as something that profits nothing. Repeatedly through scripture men have followed the path of insolence seeking the riches of unrighteousness finding at the end of every road nothing but heartache, misery, pain, suffering and despair. Without fail the soul finds the same empty path when they seek to walk away from God. Adam and Eve thought for a moment they would be like God and found themselves hiding from the Lord God. David enjoyed his folly for a moment and lived the rest of his life hiding his shame. Nothing good comes from those things that do not come from God. Spending a lifetime hoarding up riches is an incredible act of madness because death cannot be denied and then the treasures of wickedness will be lost including the soul. Man was created as the highest creature on the earth with dominion over his world but he cannot tame his own spirit.

Righteousness has always been a blessing to those who seek its counsel. As there has never been a reward for those who seek after wickedness; those who have sought the will of the Lord have lived a full, complete, happy and contented life. The comparison has been made between desiring happiness and finding nothing and seeking holiness and knowing peace. This does not suggest that the journey of life for the righteous has been easy. Long ago the story of Job filled the pages of God’s word to show man that faith in God is of greater value than all the riches in the world. Job suffered immensely in the flesh but when he died his life was filled with righteous devotion to a God that loved him and blessed him. The Lord will not allow the soul of His people to famish or go without. What challenges man is what he expects God to give him and complains because he is not given enough. Contentment is one of the greatest virtues of the righteous for they see in everything the hand of God working, providing, caring and supplanting the needs of life by trusting in the providence of the Lord. Trust is the heart of the godly. Satisfaction is long-lasting and full. Knowing the heavenly Father will take care of His children allows the soul to dwell in a calm repose of peace enjoying the grace of a benevolent Giver. He will not allow the righteous to go without.

Life is a comparison between seeking the treasures of wickedness or finding the deliverance of God’s hand through obedience to divine law. Choosing which path to take is the challenge for man. He must decide if he wants to enjoy a moment’s reckless folly in the empty promise of sin or will he accept the loving grace of God and be content to follow righteousness. The decision is not a matter of living in this life but the reality of what will come after death. Sin convinces man to live for the now regardless of tomorrow. Holiness assures man that what lies beyond the grave is true happiness and life is preparing to sail the wide ocean of eternity by the grace of God. Sin ends in death, righteousness gives life. Wickedness profits nothing but righteousness delivers from death. Satan guides the soul of the wicked to damnation. Jehovah God nourishes the heart of the redeemed to glory.

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