Standing In Awe Of God’s Word


Princes persecute me without a cause, but my heart stands in awe of Your word. I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure. I hate and abhor lying, but I love Your law. Seven times a day I praise You, because of Your righteous judgments. Great peace have those who love Your law, and nothing causes them to stumble. Lord, I hope for Your salvation, and I do Your commandments. My soul keeps Your testimonies, and I love them exceedingly. I keep Your precepts and Your testimonies, for all my ways are before You. (Psalm 119:161-168)

Standing In Awe Of God’s Word

When was the last time something truly amazed you? The psalmist is being persecuted by others and the word of God is the place he goes for comfort, peace and security. When he secures himself within the words of divine wisdom he stands in awe of its power, majesty and might. There is wonderment at the message of holy writ that strikes a responsive chord in the heart of the man who facing great trial finds solace in the mind of God. His heart rejoices as if finding a great treasure in reading the words of his heavenly Father. The love of God is poured out in his heart as he mediates on the eternal truths revealed by the law. What separates the spirit of the psalmist is his deep desire to know and understand the righteous judgments of the Lord as he frequently during the day contemplates the depths of divine justice. His knowledge of the word is not a casual or infrequent inquiry but seven times a day he praises the Lord of scripture because of the wonderful stories of old resonating within his heart of God’s mercy and truth. Life is filled with peace when the word of God is the foundation of truth. Loving the law of God is accepting what is written as a guide for life without the mixing of human wisdom. The judgments of the Lord are righteous because they are the only pattern of truth man can follow and find happiness. Men stumble when they try to walk by their own righteousness. Peace is given to those who love the law of God as light to a darkened pathway to keep the feet from stumbling.

The psalmist is being persecuted by nobles but he trusts in the power of the Lord to deliver him. This spirit of courage comes from spending time in the word of God impressed with the power of the Lord ruling over the affairs of men. Throughout the message of God’s word the Lord reminds man there is nothing to fear from men as He rules in all things and cares for His children. Facing persecution and trial can be overwhelming but through the message of God’s word fear is cast out. The psalmist stands in awe of the word of God because of its transcending glory to elevate the fainting heart of man to the mountains of faith blessed by the hand of the Creator. Reading the word brings admiration for the principles of truth revealed by God to care for man instructing him in the paths of holiness. Loving the law is spending time in the law. Hoping in the word brings salvation. Keeping the commandments of the Lord is not drudgery but a revealing of the trust man finds when he believes that everything in the law of God is perfect, complete and lacking nothing. How can a man not be in awe of the words of the divine given to mortal man to see God?

There is a great need for revival in the word of God to bring hearts back to be amazed at the word of God. Through His grace the Lord has given man a book containing all the wisdom needed to find truth, holiness, righteousness and peace. Losing a sense of awe in the Bible is losing the soul of man to a darkened world of ignorance. The people of God have always been destroyed for lack of knowledge. Losing a love for the law of God is the beginning of the end for man. We must stand in awe of His word, rejoice at His word, find treasure in the depths of its pages and love the law of God more than anything in life. It takes time to implant the majesty of God’s word in the heart but a man who loves the word of God will spend seven times a day praising the righteous judgments of the Lord, finding peace in loving the law of God and securing hope in the salvation sprinkled throughout the pages of divine truth. It is imperative to keep the commandments of the Lord and to keep the testimonies of God. This can only be done by loving exceedingly the precepts of the words found on the pages of the Bible. Stand in awe of the word of God. Be amazed. Let the word of God will be an awesome message of hope and faith to your soul.

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