Abiding In The Doctrine Of Christ

Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the

Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into your house nor greet him; for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds. (2 John 9-11)

Abiding In The Doctrine Of Christ

There is a foundational truth that has always been established between God and man. The wisdom of God is far above the wisdom of man. As Creator, the Lord has the right to determine the laws for man inherent in His authority over the universe and everything in it. Man was created to glorify his Creator. The happiness of man has always been determined by his willingness to follow the holiness of the Lord. John declares in his short epistle a clear demonstration of how men should view the teachings of Jesus Christ. If a man is unwilling to continue or abide in the doctrine of Christ he rejects the word of God. There is only one truth and that must be obeyed for man to find eternal life. Truth is not relative to what one generation says over another generation or what is popular at a certain time or what pleases the moral conscience of society. When God put man in the Garden of Eden and gave him law it established the eternal truth that God has the right to determine how man should live. Jesus Christ came to draw all men to Himself and demands that all men abide in His doctrine for salvation. It was not long after the church was established that men began to change the doctrine of Christ to fit their own needs. It seems incredible that many would deny Jesus rose from the dead in the first century because there were so many people that were still living that had seen the Son of God alive following His death. The worship was challenged by men who went beyond the authority of God. Truth was changed to fit the wisdom of man corrupting the churches with carnality, immorality and moved the early church away from the doctrines of Christ. John does not mince words about what men were doing with the gospel. Either one abides in the doctrine of Christ or they do not. If a man refuses to obey the commandments of God he does not serve the Lord. Truth is founded upon the word of God alone. When a man follows the word of God he accepts the rule of God in his life and is willing to do whatever the Lord commands in His word. It is incumbent upon the people of God to make a separation of those who teach truth and those who reject the commandments of the Lord. Either a man obeys God or he does not.

Abiding in the doctrine of Christ can only be done when the word of God is established as the line of authority for all things pertaining to salvation. The first thing Satan did to deceive the woman was to challenge the word of God. Satan asked Eve, “Has God indeed said?” John declares there is only one truth and if a man does not agree to follow that standard of truth he does not love God, he does not serve God and his deeds are evil. Half-truths are nothing more than whole lies. Abiding in the doctrine of Christ requires the whole doctrine. Too often men take a little bit of the truth of God and intermix it with their doctrines and call it truth. Rat poison is 95% cornmeal and 5% poison and effectively kills because it tastes so good the agent of death is never detected until it is too late. False religion looks and sounds so much like the truth but the wisdom of man is the poison that refuses to abide in the doctrine of Christ. Abiding in the doctrine of Christ is remaining, staying, dwelling and settling upon the words of God and the words of God alone – nothing else. How difficult is it to turn in the Bible and find a passage that teaches the truth of God? Yet so many people blindly follow teachings that are not found in the word of God and how sad their end. God is perceived as a loving and compassionate Lord that allows man to believe in Him and live as man desires without penalty from God. There is nothing further from the truth. A single line of truth is determined by the revelation of God’s word clearly stated and forcefully placed upon the pages of holy writ that man must obey. There is no variance or changing the word of God to suit the needs of man’s wisdom without standing condemned before its Author.

The world is filled with numerous churches that bear a sprinkled resemblance of truth teaching doctrines that sound pleasing to the soul as doctrines of God. Religious organizations proclaim the teachings of Jesus Christ as their foundation of truth and righteousness. Religious men and women stand before crowds enthralled by the grandeur of pomp and ceremony framed within a slight representation of truth convincing the masses to blindly follow their doctrines. All the while the evil one smiles as the souls lost to his care are taken further down the dark pathway of error believing they are saved and yet never abiding in the doctrine of Christ. John makes it clear about what a person accepts as truth and what is not truth. If a man does not abide in the doctrine of Christ he does not have God and will be lost. When a man accepts the teachings of God in purity and faith the Father and the Son dwell in him. Accepting those in error creates error and shares in the evil deeds of apostasy. Truth is only established by the word of God. The Bible was written so that all men could read and understand the will of God and without accepting the words of the Bible as absolute truth there can be no hope. Here is the challenge: examine what you believe, what you practice and what your faith holds dear with the word of God alone. If it is found in the Book, it is the word of God. If it is not found in the Book it is false. Do not mince words or ignore teachings. Pattern your life after the word of God and the word of God alone. Make certain what you read in these post is founded upon the word of God and the word of God alone. His doctrine is truth. His truth is doctrine.

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