Keeping It Honorable


Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge. (Hebrews 13:4)

Keeping It Honorable

The first marriage and the first home were not immune to the destructive influence of evil. Satan has been waging a war against the home with the carnal desires of the flesh and the lie that God is unconcerned about the actions of the man and woman. The early world was destroyed because of their hearts being filled with all unrighteousness as were the cities of the plain including Sodom and Gomorrah in the days of Abraham. King David, a man after God’s own heart, was drawn away by the temptation of the flesh suffering untold consequences for a moment’s reckless folly. Sexual sins are the most pervasive contributors to the moral decline of the home, community and nation. Many of the ungodly acts of men are the result of sexual desires or passions being filled with reckless folly creating a world that mocks the home designed by God and destroying its honor. When a nation refuses to recognize marriage between a man and woman the process of final annihilation begins. Abandoning the institution of the divine pattern is why nations fall, sin abounds and the souls of men are determined to perdition. Nothing is more basic to the need of man than to recognize the honor of marriage as a holy union established in the wisdom of God to fulfill all the needs of man. As Creator, the Lord knows what will bring happiness to a man and woman. As the creation, man and woman will only find misery when they seek happiness in the lust of the flesh.

Infused in the institution of marriage is the ideal of something being right when a man and woman enjoy the conjugal blessings of one another. The undefiled bed is the measure of God to give man all he needs. Fornication is the sexual pleasures before marriage and sexual sins by married individuals is adultery. The world touts the sexual freedoms of youth to enjoy the physical intimacy of sex as an expression of freedom and individuality. Fornication is a sin not only because it disobeys the law of God but it transgresses the nature of God’s creation. Sexual pleasures before marriage are never fulfilling. The innate character of man is such that enjoying the physical bonding in sex is never satisfying unless it is found in the bed of marriage. God designed the mind and the body in such a manner that sexual perversions like pre-marital sex instill guilt and remorse in the heart. Those who have multiple partners before marriage find the baggage of guilt in a secure relationship of holy marriage. Regrets fill the lives of those who live the LIE of fornication. What seemed fulfilling at the time becomes a lifetime of sorrow. Fornication is the lie of Satan. He promises joy and delivers misery. His appeal is fun and his answer is death. Marriage is honorable and the bed undefiled because that is the nature of God’s design.

Adultery is the common acceptance of a world filled with ungodliness. When men take God out of their minds the body becomes the substitute totem. Fulfilling the fleshly desires is the main purpose of life. The home is no longer sacred because the husband is filling his soul with pornography, sexual perversions, passions and sexual encounters. Wives leave their roles as keepers of the home to keep the fleshly desires of adulterous liaisons of pleasure. Adultery defiles the bed and destroys a nation. Greater consequences come from extra-marital affairs because trust is broken, hearts destroyed and families ripped apart so that two people can have their passing folly of sexual pleasure. There is no honor in adultery. David tried it and failed miserably. What is sown in adultery will be reaped in hearts of those destroyed by its tenacious tentacles of evil that permeate the fibers of the home. God designed the home to be established upon the honor of one man and one woman bound by the purity of sexual union between them alone. Happiness will never come to any form of pleasure outside this union. Fornication is an empty shell of passion. Adultery is the incarnate image of evil that destroys the home. When the word of God is established in the home and a man and a woman join themselves in the purity of the flesh and keep their passions for one another alone there will be untold happiness in the heart because this is God’s design. Marriage is honorable when the bed is undefiled. There is no other pattern for man to follow if he wants to be happy. Sexual sins enjoyed in this life will be judged by the wrath of God in the life to come. Fornication is a sin. Adultery is a sin. God’s law is unchanged.

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