The Eyes Of The Lord


For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. In this you have done foolishly; therefore from now on you shall have wars. (2 Chronicles 16:9)

The Eyes Of The Lord

During the period of the divided kingdom in Israel, evil kings reigned in the north and a mixture of good and bad kings ruled in the south. Asa, son of Abijah, was a king remembered for doing what was good and walking in the ways of the Lord. For the most part his reign was characterized by many reforms that brought the people back to serving the one true God. For thirty-five years the southern nation thrived under the leadership of Asa and had peace. Near the end of his forty-one year reign, Asa made a treaty with Ben-Hadad king of Syria to fight against his northern brethren and King Baasha king of Israel. Instead of relying on God to deliver him from the threat of his northern rival, Asa choose to ask a heathen nation to fight for him. Hanani the seer came to Asa and rebuked him for his unwise treaty with Ben-Hadad and reminded the king of the eternal nature of God. Because of his actions, king Asa had allowed the Syrians to escape unharmed and punished his own brethren. When the Ethiopians and Lubimians came against Asa with a great army the Lord delivered the king and yet now he relied upon the Syrians to fight his battles. His faith had waned and trusting in other nations to do battle was an affront to the Lord God.

Hanani reminded the king of the character of God as he described the eyes of the Lord going throughout the whole earth looking for those men and women who stand for truth, righteousness, holiness and godliness in their lives whose hearts are loyal to Him. It is a fearful thing to be reminded of the ever present presence of the Lord in every part of life but it is a blessing to those who are seeking the Lord. It must be made clear there is nothing done that God does not see. Men try to hide their sins through subtle means of discretion but the Lord sees all things as if in the day. There is no place on the earth that man can go that God is not already there. The highest mountain or the deepest sea cannot hide what man will do and trying to cover sin in the darkness of the night will only be exposed by the clarity of God’s eyes. While this knowledge should cause all men to fear it should also be a blessing to know the Lord looks for those who are faithful to Him serving with loyal hearts. Serving the Lord can be a thankless life in the eyes of the world. No one especially cares if a person is of pure heart, holy hands or clean spirit. These are attributes that often bring ridicule instead of praise. Noah and his family had so little to rely on as the world was completely given over to wickedness but the Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. By grace he was saved along with his family because of the favor he found before the Lord. Hanani was thrown into prison after his rebuke of Asa and God knew that and cared for the seer. Jesus would later tell His disciples the Lord was concerned for all the sparrows and not one falls that God is not aware. What a blessing to know the Father cares so much for His own.

There are many things to become despondent about and to think the efforts of living a righteous life is of little value. It does not become a matter of holy pride but a need to feel the worth of living separate from the world. One of the reasons many lose their faith is the inability to stave off the criticism from those in the world and realize true worth comes from the eyes of the Lord and not the opinions of the world. The knowledge of God is so vast He cares for every soul whose heart is loyal to Him. He knows their name, where they live, what they do, the trials they face and the struggles they lose and most importantly the strength of their heart to serve Him in truth. The child of God is never alone. There is never a time when the Father is not aware of the cries of the child, the prayers of the righteous and the hopes of the downtrodden. The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth seeking and finding the faithful. Hanani says that not only does God know who these saints are but that the Father show Himself strong to them encouraging them to keep the faith, finish the race and fight the battles in His name for victory. No Christian should think they serve the Lord alone. There are myriads of fellow Christians who struggle with their faith and who need the assurance of fellow brethren to encourage them. If all else fails and no one is left in this world of sin, God is always there. Trust in Him and let His strength infuse His spirit in the heart to know He cares, He loves and He knows.

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