Fear And Knowledge

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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. (Proverbs 9:10)

Fear And Knowledge

When a man does not have a fear of authority he feels impelled to do whatever he wishes. Having no fear of law enforcement drives the criminal mind to live a life outside the law because he believes he will never be caught. Even when he is caught he will find ways to evade capture or argue innocence. Rebelling against authority is the common factor of man’s nature and this is why the majority of men will be lost in eternal damnation. Jesus taught in the mountain sermon that most men will take the broad way that leads to destruction. Two reasons are given by God why this will happen: men do not fear the Lord and they do not understand the will of the Lord. The wise man declared long ago two essential elements to man’s nature must be to fear the Lord and to know the will of God to gain understanding. Why did Eve choose to eat the forbidden fruit? Satan convinced her to not fear God and to use her own wisdom to interpret the word of God. Every time man sins he fails to fear the consequences of the word of God and the punishment for disobedience. Like the criminal, sinful man believes he is above the law of God and does not believe he will be caught. There are many who do evil in this world that may never suffer the consequences of man’s law but there will be no one who stands before the judge of all men and not suffer judgment. The consequences of rebellion will be meted out in eternity.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom because it tells man who he is and what he is. Failing to appreciate his place, man believes he is the god of his world and nothing he does will have an impact on others or himself. Living without the fear of God is living life according to the fleshly desires of carnal man. What is right is determined by what man believes to be right. The world of Noah found themselves facing the wrath of God in the flood because they did not fear God. Man may not have a fear of the Creator in this life but when death takes the spirit before the presence of the Almighty he will understand a fear never felt before. Wisdom begins by having a fear of the Lord because His word is true. There are many blessings in following the will of God but there are severe penalties for those who choose to ignore the commandments of God. Satan whispers in the ear the Lord will not punish and this is the great lie. What happened to all the happiness he promised Eve in the garden? The only thing she got out of that experience was a momentary experience of pleasure and then guilt and shame filled her world. Wisdom begins with a healthy dose of the fear of God.

Learning about the Holy One will bring understanding. The Bible is written so that man can know the mind of God: His will, commandments, precepts, laws, regulations and purpose. Reading the word of God will also show the heart of man the depth of God’s love, grace, mercy, compassion and longsuffering. The Lord has always revealed Himself to man so that he can know how to live before God in righteousness, truth, obedience and love. Increasing knowledge of the holy character of the Father will create a greater love in the heart of the child. Everything man needs to know is found in the Bible so that he can be fully equipped to understand his own nature, how to deal with others and what to look forward to when life is over. The Bible is a book about the man who was made in the image of God who sent His only begotten Son to die for the sins of the man. Redemption is the central theme of the book. Man learns that he is special and that God loved him so much to give Jesus Christ as a sacrifice for sin. The fear of the Lord and the knowledge of the Holy One will change the life of anyone who recognizes the power of the word and molds their life in harmony with the will of the Lord. Fear and knowledge! Vital parts of life.

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